Below is procedure for the installation of sump pump.

  • Prior to start of installation it shall be ensured that the shop drawings including coordination drawings of the respective area are approved.
  • It shall be ensured that the area is released by civil contractor to proceed with MEP installations.
  • It shall be ensured that the Sump Pumps are as per the approved material submittal and have been inspected & approved.


  1. The location of the pumps shall be marked as per approved shop drawings in the sump pit.
  2. The pumps shall then be placed in the marked location without any fixing arrangement as the pumps are of free standing type.
  3. It shall be ensured that the pump base is uniformly resting on the sump pit base in the marked location.


  1. The discharge pipes from sump pump discharge to the manhole shall be UPVC Class-E-3505.
  2. The pipe connection to pumps shall be flanged & the pipe joints shall be made using solvent cement.
  3. The routing of the drainage pipes shall g g p p l be as per approved shop drawings.
  4. The installation of the pipes shall be as per approved method statement.


  1. The sump pump control panel shall be installed in location as shown in approved shop drawings.
  2. The location of the panel shall be marked on the wall as per approved shop drawings.
  3. Two unitstrut GI channels of size 40X40mm shall be fixed parallelly on the wall using approved anchors & fasteners
  4. The Control panel shall be fixed on the channels & shall be secured using approved GI bolts.
  5. Electrical cabling & wiring to the unit shall be carried out as per approved method statement and as per the recommendation of the unit manufacturer.

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