Upon availability of power to the building, the following activities shall be carried out sequentially for wild air cooling.

The LV panels shall be pre-commissioned & commissioned in line with the approved procedure. The LV panels feeding the chillers shall be pre-commissioned & commissioned in line with the approved procedure.

The MCC feeding the chilled water pumps shall be precommissioned & commissioned in line with the approved procedure. All starter panels/VFDs for pumps & AHUs shall be precommissioned & commissioned in line with the approved procedure.



  1. All the VFDs shall be by-passed during the start up of the pumps & AHUs and run in star/delta starter mode.
  2. The Chilled Water pumps shall be precommissioned & temporarily started in line with the approved procedure.
  3. The AHUs at the respective floors shall be precommissioned & temporarily started in line with the approved procedure.
  4. Upon start up of AHUs, the chillers shall be precommissioned & temporarily started in line with the approved procedure.
  5. The AHUs for the remaining floors shall be started after starting of the chillers.
  6. Chiller plant manager, control, VFDs & BMS will be by-passed during wild air.
  7. Air Balancing & water balancing shall be carried out later & shall not constitute a part of wild air cooling.
  8. Control valves will be isolated & the chilled water flow shall be adjusted through the by pass.
  9. Temporary filters shall be used in the AHUs during wild air.
  10. Plant rooms & office areas shall be cleaned and all doors to rooms and shafts shall be installed.
  11. All remaining works of chilled water system (piping & insulation) shall be completed prior to wild air.
  12. All condensate drain pipes horizontal & vertical in conditioned & unconditioned area shall be fully insulated.
  13. Start up of equipment & system is temporary only to improve the working condition of the contractor in office floors. Full commissioning shall be done at a later stage when all systems are fully completed & ready for commissioning.
  14. Contractor shall be responsible to protect & maintain all equipment, systems, networks, accessories, etc., at no extra time or cost impact to company by using trained personnel continuously until full commissioning has been successfully carried out & officially handed over to company / end user.
  15. All Guarantees & Warranties will only start from the date of official handing over.

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