Method Statement For Installation of Ducted & Split Type DX Split Units

By | May 25, 2016
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The purpose of this  safe work method statement is to define the procedure step by step to implement the correct practices for Installation of Ducted & split type DX split units. Following equipment’s and tools shall be arranged before starting the installation works.

  • Fork Lift or Crane with capacity & arrangement in line with the Manufacturer’s recommendations pallet mover and as required at site.
  • Hydraulic Trolley
  • Portable hand tools.
  • Portable Drilling Machine/ Grinding Machine & Angle Cutter.
  • Spirit Level / Level Threads
  • Step Ladder
  • Mobile Scaffolding with platform


  1. Ensure that the proper clearance is available from civil side before commencement of works.
  2. Ensure that the work area is clean and safe for carrying out the activities.
  3. Prior to start of works, it shall be ensured that the relevant shop drawings and coordination drawings are approved and issued for construction.
  4. It shall be ensured that all  electrical requirements such as cable trays, cable Trunking, entry side lugs, glands etc. are finalized and coordinated.
  5. It shall be ensured that no contradiction with other previously installed services, and if there is any shall be cleared.
  6. It shall be ensured that the material issued is as per the approved material submittal.


  1. The following  procedure shall be followed for the installation of Ducted Split UnitsSplit & Packaged Units Installation Method Statement
  2. Visually inspect the exterior casing of the Ducted Split Units for any damages or any missing of the parts during shipping and transferring of the units.
  3. Materials Inspection shall be done by Consultant for approval before proceeding the installation.
  4. To prevent the damage while on transmit Cut all banding (if applicable) loose from skid but do not remove the skids until the unit is shifted to the installation area.
  5. Ensure that the installation of the Ducted Split unit is carried out in accordance with manufacturer’s installation recommendations and specification.
  6. Prior to start of installation, refer to the approved shop drawing related to the area of installation and ensure that  required material is available at site as per approved material submittals.
  7. Ensure that the equipment and accessories are stored properly and there is no damage or deformity of any kind during transportation of material from site store to the working area.
  8. After inspecting the work area, ensure that it is totally ready for installation. Then  the required equipment shall be moved to the place of installation.Location  should be able to support unit operating weight.
  9. Check the equipment weight to ensure that the rigging equipment can handle that safely.
  10. Before installing the unit check whether proper space is available for servicing or not. If there is any services installed previously  in the same area  shall be shifted  to the side of the Ducted Split unit for easy  future maintenance.
  11. Proper marking shall be done for the unit location / supports as per approved shop drawing. Ensure the unit model number location  shall be same as indicated on the drawing.
  12. Under direct supervision of the Site Engineer / Site Supervisor lift the Ducted split unit and hang it to the required level with proper isolator and support fixing, allow sufficient space for service and air flow for unit as per the approved shop drawing and contract specification.
  13. Make sure that all the spring isolators are in position and the Ducted Split unit is properly supported by the isolators through the hanging threaded rod of approved sizes.
  14. Inspect and ensure any damages in  coils and fins.Ducted Split Units DX Installation method of statement
  15. Ensure that all the filters are fixed properly.
  16. Ensure that the Ducted Split unit is properly leveled.
  17. After the unit is leveled tighten the support bolts to secure them.
  18. Connect the piping net work to the Ducted Split  unit as per the approved drawing.
  19. Condensate drain pans shall be connected by using pvc pipe as per approved material submittal. The condensate pipe line shall be connected to nearest drainage point as per approved shop drawing. Trap shall be provided in the condensate drain line.
  20. If any rigid material has been used for the drainage,it is necessary to provide some kind of elastic  coupling in the drainage line to absorb possible vibrations.
  21. The drainage line should always be below the connection itself,and also should be slope to facilitate the drainage.
  22. The drain line shall be installed as per manufacturer recommendation and contract specification. Equipment, pipe identification, tagging & labeling shall be carried out after completion of all works.
  23. To prevent electrical shock or equipment damage, make sure the power supply sectioners are open before electrical connections are made. If this action is not taken,personal injury may occur.
  24. Field wiring must comply with valid codes.
  25. Take special care while making the earth connection.
  26. Fan motors shall be connected to wiring system as per the approved shop drawings.
  27. Control wiring shall be carried out as detailed on respective approved controls shop drawing.
  28. After the completion of the installation of the Ducted Split Unit electrical control and BMS connections shall be done as per approved shop drawings.
  29. Once all these operations have been completed ,the false ceiling to hide unit may be installed, but a register cover must be left below  for future maintenance.Grills of an adequate size should be incorporated in the unit for return air suction.