Safe Work Method Of Statement

Method Statement For Installation of Glazing Panel to GRP Fins

Programs of work for the Installation of Glazing Panels to GRP Fin shall follow the Planning and Programming of the Main Contractor. In event of any major changes in execution or shift in milestones of work schedule could occur, revised method statement and work program shall be submitted for approval.

Materials Submittal: Materials Submittal usually contains but not limited to the manufacturer’s product information, trade name, model or type number, as per the specified products and acceptable products listed in the specifications shall be submitted through CONTRACTOR for approval of Consultant / Client.

Shop Drawings: Prior to commencing site works Shop Drawings with clear and complete information as possible for the Consultant / Client to compare with the specification requirements.

Mock up: Visual Mock ups of the product (size/location as per consultant requirement) submitted for approval of the Consultant / Client.

Material Handling and Storage

Glass should be stored:

Examination & Site Survey Preparation

Incoming Material Inspection

Angle Installation

Framing Installation

Glazing & Final Inspection

Product Verification

Product verification is to ascertain what was specified and what was delivered the following shall be a good indicator if everything was done in compliance with the specifications. Product verification can be accomplished by

Hand-over and Client Training

Quality Assurance

SUB CONTRACTOR shall ensure that all the contractual requirements of the project are met throughout the stages of material procured, fabricated, supplied and installed. Factory & Site quality engineer assigned for the project shall inspect & ensure the highest level of quality standard is mentioned.

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