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GRP Fins Installation Method of Statement

Below is the method for the installation of GRP Fins. Before starting the installation work for GRP fins following equipment/tools shall be arranged:

Steps for GRP Fins Installation

  1. Scaffolding should be provided in the area where fins are to be erected.
  2. Starting point reference shall be in co-ordination with the main contractor
  3. For fixing the bracket drilling to be done on the wall.
  4. For Drilling , Hilti machine shall be used .
  5. Hole dia and depth of the hole shall be as per the details given in Hilti procedure list M 24 bolts.
  6. The drilled hole shall be cleaned by the blower and brush, then adhesive capsule shall be inserted followed by the hilti bolt using proper tool and machine.
  7. Now the bracket shall be fixed on one bolts which are already cured. Checking and alignment can be done to achieve required dimension. Once the dimensions are achieved. All the remaining holes marking can be done as per the bracket holes.
  8. Once the marking is completed, remove the bracket and drill the remaining holes.
  9. Once the hilti bolts are cured insert the bracket and fastened it with nuts.
  10. Apply same procedure for other brackets.
  11. Now once the two brackets are fixed it is the time to fix the fins, to lift the fin tower crane shall be used.
  12. The fins are properly anchored with the webbing sling and lifted with webbing sling.
  13. Care must be taken so that there is no damage to the fins.
  14. Once the fins are lifted and aligned with the bracket, fasten the fins with  nuts and bolts.
  15. Re check the position of the fins as per the approved drawing.
  16. Minor adjustment and alignment can be done using shims.
  17. Check for any damages during the erection. It can be rectified using same GRP material at the site.
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