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Light Fixture / Light Fittings Installation Method Statement

This method statement covers the Installation of Lighting Fixtures for any kind of building project including the external and internal lighting installation.

Before start of light fittings installation electrical engineer will ensure that all wiring is complete, tested and approved from the client/consultant. Site is released/cleared from civil section to install light fittings and all cement works and coloring of wall is complete and cleared for installation of wiring accessories and light fixture.

Prior to starting the electrical installation work, site engineer (electrical) shall ensure that approved shop drawings related to the installation area are available.

Also make sure that required materials are available at site as per approved material submittals.

Tools & Instruments

Following tools shall be required for the installation of light fittings & fixtures.

Lighting Installation General Requirements

Installation works shall be carried out only with respect to approved shop drawings of latest revision.

Electrical engineer will ensure that all the lighting fixtures are received at site are in compliance with latest revision of drawings and submittals.

Ensure all finishing works in all related areas are completed for the area of installation and released / cleared by civil section to proceed on with the installation of lighting fixtures.

Type of lighting fixtures are to be selected as per the approved schedule of lighting and approved shop drawing and reflected ceiling plan.

Lighting fixtures installed in exposed external areas shall be of weather proof type.

All the light fittings shall be installed in line and parallel with other line of fixtures as per approved shop drawings, and false ceiling drawing.

Lighting fixtures which are heavy shall be supported from the ceiling using galvanized caddy clip and heavy gauge G.I. wire.

Any light fixture fixed in service areas, where there is no false ceiling, fittings are to be fixed firmly using anchor bolts, minimum 6mm bolt and metal expansion anchor rods.

Fixing of lighting fixtures above ducts, pipes, trays and trunkings shall be avoided.

Connection between lighting fixtures and ceiling roses are to be made only using heat resistance 3 core, 2.5 sq. mm or 1.5 sq. mm flexible / wires. wires.

Ceiling rose location shall be easily accessible and should be avoided installing above HVAC ducts and cable trays.

All lighting fixtures shall be connected with earthing cable.

Before fixing lamps all lighting fixtures are to be cleaned.

Correct lamps are to be fixed in lighting fixtures.

Louvers shall be installed and protected by polyethene sheets.

Care shall be taken in fixing the fitting louvers and avoid finger prints or dust on louvers.

Before installation all wires should be tested, meggered and schedules should be submitted to consulting engineers for approval, proper records shall be maintained.

GI boxes, round pvc boxes in concrete must be treated after plaster and the edges shall be finished good and clean, wall finish shall be done uniformly around the box edges.

Ensure that where luminaries are fixed direct to conduit boxes the final circuit connections are adequately protected against the heat transfer from the luminaries.

Fix a label at each luminaries which is connected to more than one circuit to read: “This luminaries is connected to ‘X’ number of circuits and is supplied from distribution board Ref.’Y’.

Isolate each circuit prior to working on the luminaire.

Agree label location and format on site prior to installation works.

Interior Lighting Installation

Install lighting fixture based on approved architectural reflected ceiling plans, elevation and section drawings for exact location, do not scale the electrical drawing for exact location of the light fixtures.

Ensure all fixtures are furnished with all internal wiring completed by the manufacturers before start of the electrical installation.

Coordinate exact mounting location with other trades prior to light fitting installation.

Lighting fixture shall be installed in such location to properly illuminate different areas.

Provide metal hangers and thread rods as required.

Surface mounted fixtures shall be installed level, plumb and square with respect to ceiling and walls.

Fixture shall be secured according to manufacturer’s written instruction & approved material submittal.

Light fixture recessed in grid ceiling shall be supported independent of the ceiling system.

Provide support clips as required to fasten fixtures to the ceiling grid members in addition to supporting the fixture from the building structure.

For installation in a grid ceiling the light fitting shall be installed in the center of the ceiling tile, unless noted otherwise. Supporting wire shall not be installed from the ceiling grid.

Fixture recessed in hard ceilings shall be installed with trim rings flush to the underside of the ceiling system.

Cut-outs for fixtures shall be coordinated with fixture aperture size.

The trim ring shall cover the whole cut-out.

Fixture recessed in hard ceiling shall be enclosed in a box which has a fire resistance rating equal to that of the ceiling.

Any light fitting / fixture that is surface mounted to a ceiling, shall be supported from structural members independent of the grid ceiling.

Fixture installed in gypsum board ceilings or plaster ceiling shall be provided with plaster frames.

Plaster frame shall be braced temporarily to prevent distortion during installation.

Pendent mounted fixtures shall be installed straight, level and in a continuous row, in all instances pendent mounted fixture shall be supported from building structure rigidly.

All fixtures shall be equipped with the proper lamps as described in the lighting fixture schedule.

Ceiling in which down light and their control gears is located shall be well ventilated to prevent the overheating of lamp & transformer.

All lighting fixture shall be earthed properly.

Final connection to all lighting fixtures shall be made by means of an approved nylon connector terminal block.

Clean all fixtures internally and externally after installation, use methods and materials as recommended by the manufacturers.

Retain protective plastics for lighting fixture until interior finishes are complete.

Exterior Lighting Installation Procedure

Install exterior lighting fixtures based upon, approved Exterior Lighting layout drawing, details of attaching lighting fixtures and details of accessories installation.

Before start of the light fitting installation make sure that fixtures are furnished with necessary internal wiring provided by the manufacturers.

Coordinate exact mounting location with other trades prior to installation, light fixture shall be installed in such location to properly illuminate the target areas.

Minimum conductor size shall be as per project electrical specifications and approved drawings etc.

Wiring and connection shall be done by a competent and accredited electrician as per lighting fixture manufacturers wiring diagram unless otherwise indicated.

Clean all fixtures internally and externally after installation by using the methods and materials recommended by the lighting manufacturers.

Terminate / connect the wires according to manufacturer wiring diagram unless otherwise indicated in the site instruction.

After installation, cover the exterior lighting / luminaires with polythene sheets as protection against dirt, moisture and other construction debris, until these are tested and operational.

Other components not mentioned in this method statement will be installed according to equipment manufacturer catalogue included in the approved material submittals.

light fixture lighting installation checklist for inspection

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