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Safe Work Method Statement For Installation Of Audio Visual System

1.0 PURPOSE: This procedure is describing to clear the method of the supply and installation of audio visual AV system for the project.

2.0 SCOPE: This document details the A/V system Installation, Preparation of work, Delivery and inspection upon arrival of material at site and on site Installation of the system.



PQP                             : Project Quality Plan

PSP                              : Project Safety Plan

QCP                             : Quality Control Procedure

HSE                             : Health, Safety and Environment

MS                               : Method Statement

ITP                               : Inspection Test Plan

QA/QC                         : Quality Assurance / Quality Control Engineer.

SK                               : Store Keeper.

WIR                             : Inspection and Test Request

MIR                             : Material Verification Record.

A/V                              : Audio Video System


Responsibilities for ensuring that the steps in this procedure shall be carried out are specified at relevant steps in the procedure:

5.1 Project Manager

5.2 Construction Manager

5.3 Site Engineer

5.4 QA/QC Engineer (MEP):

5.5 Site Foreman

5.6 Safety Officer

5.7 Store Keeper (SK)

5.8 Technician for A/V System:  



Safety Requirements:

7.2 Handling and storage:

7.3 Installation of the A/V system:



  1. All boxes, conduits, etc., shall be of proper size, as determined by the installer and shall be clearly marked for easy identification and continuously grounded together:
  2. The actual circuit routing of the wiring and conduits shall be determined by the installer based on the location of the devices and wire limitations.
  3. All cabling as part of this system shall be provided with six (6) foot, 1800mm service loop above the ceiling. Determine and provide cable lengths based on distances between outlets in the field.
  4. Exact location of interactive whiteboard outlet shall be coordinated with the location of the whiteboard prior to rough-in and installation.

 Technical Assistance:


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