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Specification for Installation Method Statement of Pipe Hangers & Supports

PART-1 GENERAL: WORK INCLUDED: Compliance with relevant General Requirements of Mechanical Services.

1.2 DESCRIPTION OF WORK: This Section includes piping supports complete for all piping systems except as otherwise specifie.

1.3 Reference Standards.




Provide one of the following types of hangers for horizontal piping manufactured by one of the approved makes.

All Pipe Except Copper:

Vertical Piping Supports:

  1. All Pipe Except Copper:

Vertical pipe supports shall be steel extension pipe-clamps. Manufacturer’s rated maximum loading for each size pipe shall be used (with minimum 50% safety factor) for spacing of supports. Bolt clamp securely to pipe, reset clamp-end extension on building structure.

2. Copper Tubing Suppor

For uninsulated vertical lines, provide copper finished steel riser clamp or plastic coated steel riser clamp.

Beam Clamps:

Inserts and Expansion bolts:


Provide shields where required, to protect insulation at areas of contact with hangers and supports.

Support Insulators.

The Contractor shall provide moulded hard rubber insulators at all supports of insulated pipework to transmit pipe load to hangers (or supports) without crushing the insulation. The rubber density shall not be less than 1100 kg/m3 and operating temperature range shall be -20 deg C to 110 deg C. The thickness of insulators shall be same as the insulation, and vapour barrier (where specified) shall be continuous across the outside of the insulators.


All supports and clamps shall be from one of the approved manufacturers. Unless otherwise indicated, all supports, clamps or frames shall be protected against corrosion by either galvanising or two coats of suitable primer with two coats of approved epoxy paint. Supports/clamps or frames used outside the building shall be galvanised.


Provide hangers to support the required loads. Where necessary, supports shall be designed to permit movement due to expansion and contraction.

Support piping with hangers in direct contact with the pipe for insulated piping not requiring a vapor barrier. Size hangers to fit on the outside of insulation requiring a vapor barrier.

Hang pipe from substantial building structure. Piping shall not be hung from other piping. All rigid hangers shall provide a means of vertical adjustment after erection. Do not suspend pipe from metal roof deck.

“C” clamps shall be installed as per manufacturer’s recommendations.

Where noninsulated pipes, in which vibration may occur, pass through walls, floors, or partitions, encase pipe within acoustical wall sleeves.


Maximum Spacing Between Single Pipe Supports:

Nominal Pipe Size, mm
15 20 25 32 40 50 65 80 100 125 150 200 250
Maximum Span, Metres
1.5 1.8 2.1 2.1 2.7 3.0 3.4 3.7 4.3 4.9 5.1 5.8 6.1
Minimum Rod Diameter, Millimetres
6.4 6.4 9.5 9.5 9.5 95 13 13 16 16 16 19 24

Maximum Spacing Between Single Pipe Supports:

Nominal Pipe Size, mm
15 20 25 32 40 50 65 80 100 150

Maximum Span, Metres

1.5 1.8 2.1 2.4 2.4 2.7 3.0 3.7 4.2

Furnish minimum rod diameters as specified for steel pipe.


Support vertical piping with wrought steel riser clamps. Make adequate provision for expansion, contraction, and lateral stability by using expansion joints. Also, account for vertical expansion and lateral movement of the building structures.

Support steel pipe at a minimum of every floor as required to relieve joint stresses.


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