Method Statement for Masonry Water Base & Emulsion Painting Works

1.0 Obtain necessary clearances and approvals from Engineers including MEP clearance
2.0 Proper Scaffolding should be provided for tall walls. It should be inspected and approved by safety officer
3.0 RFIA should be submitted and ensure its approval prior to start paint works
4.0 Concrete substrate must be dry, free from any dust, grease and any contaminants.
5.0 If molding compound and release agents were to exist, they must be removed from the surface.
6.0 Apply first coat using a roller, brush or spray to give a uniform thickness as per to manufacturers recommendation.
7.0 Leave to dry for 4 hours prior to any further coats
8.0 Apply stucco putty to fill in holes or cracks using putty knife, spatula, and other suitable tools.
9.0 Allow drying time to entire area to give a smooth even surface.
10.0 Remove all dust prior to application of second coat.
11.0 Apply Emulsion application uniformly by airless spray, conventional spray, high quality brush or roller.
12.0 Allow drying time of approximately 4-6 hours prior to recoating.
13.0 Allow to dry completely
14.0 Inspection request to be submitted after completion of works and ensure its approval

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