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Understanding the Welding Symbols in Engineering Drawings

Welding symbols, like sign posts are informational directors. They are placed on welding drawings by welding engineers and their purpose is to relay information to the welder. In many instances the information relayed is very simple. Welding symbols are used on blueprints and drawings to show where the weld is to be placed and may… Read More »

Method Statement for External Protective Coating of Steel Pipes and Fitting Joints

This document covers works for the external coating of steel pipes and fitting joints and tests along with a recommendation of generic material types. All the inspection will be performed in accordance with the ITP for field external coating roof steel pipe fittings and joints. Inspections should be performed by QC inspectors who are certified… Read More »

Synthetic Natural Gas SNG System Testing and Commissioning Method Statement

Prior to acceptance and initial operation, all piping installations shall be inspected and pressure tested to determine that the materials, design, fabrication, and installation practices comply with the requirements of this code. Inspection shall consist of visual examination, during or after manufacture, fabrication, assembly, or pressure tests as appropriate. Supplementary types of nondestructive inspection techniques,… Read More »

Synthetic Natural Gas SNG System Installation Method Statement

Below is the list of tools and equiment that shall be required for installation of Synthetic Natural Gas SNG System. Pipes and Tubes Cutter Arc Welding Machine 0xygen and Acetylene set Calibrated Pressure Gauges Standard Tool Kit for Welder Standard Tool Kit for Welding and Brazing Hand Tools (Wrenches) Pressure Testing Pump Setting Out Check and… Read More »

Method Statement For Installation & Testing Of Liquefied Petroleum Gas LPG Piping System & Tank

Method Statement For Installation & Testing Of Liquefied Petroleum Gas LPG Piping System & Tank. LPG System shall be installed & Tested by specialist supplier approved for the project. Ensure all civil works are completed for the area of installation, and clearance is obtained from respective authorities to proceed further. Prior to start the installation, refer… Read More »

Fuel Oil System Testing & Commissioning Method Of Statement

The purpose of this procedure is to define the step by step method to implement the correct practices for the pre commissioning & commissioning of “Fuel Oil System” through the guidelines contained herein so as to ensure that the job execution complies with the project requirements and serves the intended function to satisfactory level. Pre Commissioning Procedure for… Read More »

Method Statement For Testing Precommissioning & Commissioning of Fuel Oil Pumps

Pre Commissioning Procedure for Fuel Oil Pumps Ensure that the pump installation is complete and mechanical completion is approved. Ensure that no damage occurs between mechanical completion & pre commissioning. Repair all damages to the equipment paint finish. Ensure that the pumps are identified location wise and service wise. Note the details of each motor such as make,… Read More »