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Method Statement For Installation Of Transformers

Following tools shall be arranged before starting the process of installation of transformer. Fork Lift or Crane, pallet mover with capacity & arrangement in line with the Manufacturer’s recommendations and as required at site. Portable hand tools. Portable Drilling Machine/ Grinding Machine & Angle Cutter. Spirit Level Level Threads Digital multimeter Earth resistance tester. GENERAL INSTALLATION… Read More »

Specification for Installation Method Statement of Pipe Hangers & Supports

PART-1 GENERAL: WORK INCLUDED: Compliance with relevant General Requirements of Mechanical Services. 1.2 DESCRIPTION OF WORK: This Section includes piping supports complete for all piping systems except as otherwise specifie. 1.3 Reference Standards. Heating & Ventilating Contractors Association recommendations BS 3974 Specification for pipe supports ASME code of pressure piping B1.0 Manufacturers Standardization Society standard (MSS) Practice SP-58… Read More »