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HSE Requirements While Working Near Overhead Services

Below article provides instructions and guidance for working safely in the vicinity of overhead services, describing the precautions necessary to mitigate the associated risks. Working close to or passing under overhead power lines without the correct control measures is the cause of serious personal injuries and accidents every year. Contact with overhead electric lines can… Read More »

​HSE Management Procedure for Work Related Occupational Injury Illness and Disease Management​

1. Purpose 2. Scope 3. References 4. Definitions and Abbreviations 5. Responsibilities 6. Procedure 6.1 General 6.2 Risk Assessment 6.3 First Aid 6.3.1 First Aid Facility 6.3.2 Emergency Transportation 6.4 Workplace Rehabilitation 6.4.1 Treating Medical Practitioner 6.4.2 Suitable Duties 6.4.3 Rehabilitation and Return to Work Plan 6.5 Communication 7. Records 8. Appendix 1. Purpose of… Read More »

Supplier and Subcontractor HSE Monitoring & Management Procedure

To ensure that selected subcontractors and suppliers are aware of their HSE obligations prior to commencing work on controlled workplaces or projects. This procedure will help to comply and fulfil the subcontractor health and safety responsibilities. Equipment: Includes all portable, semi portable equipment, and hand tools, mobile and fixed plant. Subcontractor: A person/company contracted to… Read More »

Job Safety Analysis – Sample JSEA Job Safety & Environmental Analysis Format Download

Below is a template given for use on a construction project. Many organizations in place of risk assessment use job safety and environmental analysis which serves the same purpose. At the end of this page we have given the link to download JSEA full template in editable word .doc format. JSA meaning in safety is… Read More »

Working at Height Method Statement for Working Safely at Heights

The purpose of this safe work method statement is to describe the systems and equipment to be used where personnel are required to perform any task where there is a risk of falling from height. Working at height safety issues will be considered where there is a potential risk to cause injury (known as Fall… Read More »

Sample HSE Safety Committee Meeting Agenda & Reporting

Safety committee plays an important role in implementation of an organization’s or project’s hse system. Regular hse meeting is necessary to check the performance of a project or company. Below is list of some important safety meeting agenda points that you can consider if planning your next meeting. Normally the frequency of hse meeting is… Read More »

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