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Supply and Installation of Water Reticulation System

The purpose of this safework method statement is to establish the work method for supply and installation of mild steel pipes, fittings and pipe works under the water reticulation work for project buildings, landscape, infrastructure and associated works. Upon delivery at site, pipes and accessories shall be carefully unloaded and stored in a designated area… Read More »

Safe Work Method Statement for Installation of Upper Floor Wall Frames

The sub-contractor doing the work is responsible for carrying out a particular action, as listed in this Safe Work Method Statement SWMS. The supervisor is responsible to ensure that the sub-contractor is competent and satisfied with the procedures listed. The supervisor is required to provide supervision, to the extent necessary, to make sure the Safe… Read More »

Safe Work Method Statement for Installation of Rubber Flooring

Below is given the method statement for installation of rubber flooring related to any type of project. Arrange the following instrument’s or equipment. Cutting knife Wood saw Vertical cutting saw with mixed cutting blades Carpenter’s line Notched spatula 900  angle Measuring tape 2 m screed bar 1 m long angle for cutting using the Knife… Read More »

Safe Work Method Statement For Welding Of Pipes Including WPS & PQR

1. PURPOSE : The purpose of generating this Method Statement is to define the procedure step by step to implement the correct practices for welding at project site. 2. SCOPE : This Method Statement refers to various work procedures contained within project control documents, which explains and covers the welder qualification procedure. 3. DEFINATION WPS – Welding Procedure Specification… Read More »

Safe Work Method Statement For Installation Of Audio Visual System

1.0 PURPOSE: This procedure is describing to clear the method of the supply and installation of audio visual AV system for the project. 2.0 SCOPE: This document details the A/V system Installation, Preparation of work, Delivery and inspection upon arrival of material at site and on site Installation of the system. 3.0 REFERENCE Approved Shop drawings for the A/V system.… Read More »

Safe Work Method Statement for Installation of Wall Padding Panels

Procedure and safe work method statement for installation of Wall padding panels. Below is only step wise procedure and complete method statement will have all sections like scope, references, responsibilities, ITP, Checklists and risk assessments. Description of Activity Preparation of the Sub construction: Lime/Cement plaster –The plaster must  adhere firmly to the sub construction and… Read More »

Safe Work Method Statement for Concreting for Tower Crane Foundation

Below is the safe work method statement for the installation of tower crane foundation or tower crane base. The installation will be as per the approved tower crane foundation drawings and details which is mostly different for different types of tower cranes. But procedural steps can be same as below for general understanding of the… Read More »