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Method Statement for Fire Suppression System Installation Testing & Commissioning

Required Tools/Equipment Multimeter Detector Testing Tool Hilti Machine Drill Machine Pull string Step Ladders Mobile Scaffold Preparation Work Before Installation With the aid of computer software program design the system and prepare isometric drawing. Prepare layout drawing of piping network system and mechanical equipment of SINORIX1230 System. Prepare drawings of detection system. Obtain approval of the concerned… Read More »

Method Statement For Handling, Storage, Installation, Testing and Commissioning for Clean Agent System

1.0 PURPOSE The purpose of this method statement is to outline the method for handling, storage, installation, testing and commissioning for the Clean Agent System in accordance with the requirements specified in the relevant NFPA Codes, Standards and Project specifications in all applicable areas for the project. 2.0 SCOPE The procedure applies for the installation,… Read More »