Method Statement for Aluminum Glazing Cladding Works & Accessories

You can perform the work for the installation of Aluminum Glazing Cladding Works & Accessories as per the simple steps given below.

Ensure works areas, all floor slabs, parapets if any, shall be complete, clean and kept clear from all trades prior to start of work.

Inspection request to be submitted before start of work in order to get clearance for the works.

Control points, benchmarks and datum line will be prepared.

Aluminium Installation

Total station will be used to mark coordinates and auto level will be used for leveling.

Areas where aluminium will be installed, will be surveyed and checked to ensure squarness and plumbness  of concrete/ plaster for aluminium fabrication.

Support system in the form of brackets or angles and primary support will be installed with proper alignments.

Rockwool or other insulation, along with back pans, shall be installed at all spandrel areas.

Curtain wall frame and internal unit frames will be installed on site level and plumb, using aluminium shims or adjustable brackets to pack out any irregular areas of the concrete or block work.

Ensure squareness prior to start glass installation

Aluminium Cladding installation

Cladding sub-frames, angle runners must be installed with proper alignment.

Fix aluminium composite panels to the runners ensuring horizontal and vertical alignment.

Apply silicon to perimeter, panel joints, and terminal joints. Backing rod will be used if necessary.

Glass Installation

Install pressure plates and covers, bar-closes or other fasteners to safely secure the glass in place.

Installation of hardware will be according with manufacturer’s instructions.

aluminium glazing & cladding method of statement

Sealant Application

Ensure the surface to be sealed is sound, dry, and free from any dirt or contaminants.

Joints and spaces to be sealed shall in no case be less than 6 mm deep or more than 12 mm deep, and should exceed 20 mm in width.

Joints will fill to within 10 mm of the surface with back up material.

After  completion of work inspection request to be raised and ensure its approval from the consultant.

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