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Method Statement for Installation of GRP Lining

You can follow below steps to prepare a method statement procedure for Installation of GRP Lining (4mm).

Scope of Work:

Scope involves 4mm thick GRP Lining on Underground Water Tank as per procedure below. Same will be executed and monitored by Site In charge. Material Storage space has to be given by Main Contractor. Surface Preparation should be done by main contractor.

Surface cleaning will be done by using broom and brush to remove dust. Chamfers & Fillet required for bottom and wall joining area will be done by main contractor.

Minimum 2 opening are required for ventilation and 2 no.s of Exhaust fan will be placed away from the manhole and extend the hose nearer to the working area. Same procedure shall be followed for working in different area.

Method Statement for Installation of GRP Lining

After surface preparation and removal of dust, one coat of flow coating is applied using woolen roller brush.

Ensure that the resin filled in all voids on the concrete surface so as to avoid the formation of air bubbles. Otherwise the same will lead to cracks in lamination later. In Tackiness stage of resin, first layer of CSM is applied with resin.

Metallic/steel roller is used for proper impregnation and to remove any air entrapment.

Ensure the CSM (Chopped Strand Mat) is completely wet.

Continue the laying process on the remaining area. Overlapping up to 25mm applied.

After one layer of lying, apply resin and put second layer of CSM over the first layer.

Again apply metallic roller.

Ensure again the CSM is properly wet.

Method Statement for Installation of GRP Lining

Successive layer of CSM is placed one by one with resin over the existing layer (repeat above steps) for achieving required thickness.

Gel coat will be applied for achieving better finish.

For better finishing and to avoid pinholes once again apply gel coat.

Allow sufficient time for curing (minimum 24 hrs.).

Ensure that, sufficient time is give for curing the successive glass fiber impregnation to avoid peak exothermic heat.

During lining many materials are used, ensure that the site is cleaned properly and wastage are disposed off before inspection/handing over.

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