The purpose of this procedure is to define the step by step method to implement the correct practices for the pre-commissioning & commissioning of “CCTV System”through the guidelines contained herein so as to ensure that the job execution complies with the project requirements and serves the intended function to satisfactory level.


  • Portable Hand tools
  • Step Ladder
  • Multimeter

Pre-commissioning Procedure for CCTV System

  1. Ensure that the CCTV System Field devices & panels installation is complete and mechanical completion is approved.
  2. Ensure that no damage has occurred between mechanical completion & pre-commissioning.
  3. Repair / replace damaged components, if any.
  4. Ensure the complete link products are in-place such as cable connectors, end line resistors, etc.
  5. Ensure the number of different type of cameras, DVRs & monitors are as per approved drawings.
  6. Ensure the cameras are fitted with appropriate size of lens to offer appropriate coverage & are tagged and identified properly.
  7. Ensure the availability configuration & software settings of the cameras.
  8. Ensure that the cable installation & termination is complete in field devices & panels.
  9. Ensure the cables are secured well on to the connections to avoid data loss or system misbehavior due to any loose connection.
  10. Ensure that each camera is tested for proper image using appropriate instrument.
  11. Ensure that the number of digital video recorders are in tune with the number of cameras.
  12. Ensure the digital recorder is provided with enough hard disk capacity and speed as specified.
  13. Ensure the key board is provided with pan, tilt, zoom controls.
  14. Ensure all proper hard switch settings are done for proper function as stated in the installation manual.
  15. Ensure that proper components are used for the interface with BMS, Fire alarm & security system.
  16. Ensure the software available is of the latest version.

CCTV_Cameras installation

Commissioning Procedure for CCTV System

  1. Ensure that all the pre-commissioning checks are carried out successfully & are approved.
  2. The digital recorder shall be properly designated in the software with each DVR having a dedicated address on the system.
  3. Each camera shall also be designated in the software with a dedicated address on the system.
  4. The motion detection for cameras shall be set wherever required.
  5. The I/O configuration for door monitoring (if any) shall be carried out as per end user requirement to trigger cameras.
  6. The video signal received in the monitors shall be checked & set for fine quality without any distortion.

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