Method Statement for Fire Suppression System Installation Testing & Commissioning

Required Tools/Equipment

  • Multimeter
  • Detector Testing Tool
  • Hilti Machine
  • Drill Machine
  • Pull string
  • Step Ladders
  • Mobile Scaffold

Preparation Work Before Installation

  • With the aid of computer software program design the system and prepare isometric drawing.
  • Prepare layout drawing of piping network system and mechanical equipment of SINORIX1230 System.
  • Prepare drawings of detection system.
  • Obtain approval of the concerned authorities for the drawing.
  • Arrange inspection of the pipe, fittings and installation accessories and obtain approval prior to the commencement of installation works.

Method Statement For Installation T&C of Chemical Fire Suppression System

Fire Suppression System Installation Procedure
Piping Work

  • Use schedule 40 pipes with 3000 PSI fittings. Install pipe and fitting in strict accordance with the approved drawing.
  • Piping between cylinder and nozzles must be through shortest route possible.
  • Any deviation in the routing or number of fittings must be approved by the Design Engineer prior to the installation.
  • All piping shall be earth bonded. Piping must be reamed free of burrs and ridges after cutting or threading.
  • Teflon tape only need to be applied on pipe joints. Tape should be applied on male thread only.
  • All pipe hangers must conform to general industry standard.
  • For reducing pipe size use only concentric bell reducers.
  • Before fixing discharge nozzles blow the system piping free of debris.
  • Install nozzles, ensure that correct nozzles types part numbers and orifice sizes are installed in the proper locations.
  • Ensure piping and nozzles do not interface with objects in the hazard area.
  • Install SINORIX1230 cylinder at the location shown in the drawing observing the safety requirements while handling the SINORIX1230 cylinder.
  • Secure the cylinder to a solid structure.
  • Connect the pipe system to the cylinder.

Installation of Fire Detection System

  • Arrange detection system material inspection and obtain necessary approval.
  • Install the control panel and devices as per the approved drawing layout.
  • Test the cabling for open, short circuits prior to connecting to devices.
  • Terminate the cabling and conduct pre commissioning tests on the system.

Testing & Commissioning Of SINORIX1230 Fire Suppression System

I. Check the panel functions for its proper working

  1. Power supply monitoring
  2. Detector line Monitoring
  3. Alarm line monitoring
  4. Silence alarm switch operational
  5. Reset system switch operational
  6. Evacuate switch operational
  7. Auto manual select switch operational

II. Check for the field devices

  1. Ionization Smoke detectors operational
  2. Optical smoke detectors operational
  3. Cylindrical Pressure monitoring
  4. Air conditioning unit shut down
  5. Damper / Curtain shutdown
  6. Abort switch operational
  7. SINORIX 1230 actuator solenoid operational
  8. Manual release unit operational

III. Check the cylinder accuracy

  1. Weight of SINORIX 1230 agent
  2. Pressure of the cylinder
  3. Leakage test

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