You can find below a simple Method statement for the installation of metal doors and frames that is applicable for any kind of project activity.

Site engineer and supervisor shall obtain MEP clearance prior to start of work. Plastering, flooring, false ceiling and any related works to be completed prior to start fixing of door frames. Check the opening size.

All three sides’ door frames are fitted with a travel spacer bar at the base. This should be removed prior to installation.


Install the frame into the structural opening.

Plumb frame and wedge into position and ensure levelness

Fix the frame using screw and tighten them until frame is held in position.

Recheck alignment and adjust if necessary using shims or spacers between frame and brickwork and then fully tighten fixings.

Fix door shutter and ensure it is hanging plumb.

Drill and insert anchor bolts in frame.

Fix hardware as required and door will be prepared for mortised items ( locks, surface mounted items).

Insert plastic plugs in order to conceal screw heads.

Final touch ups are done to doors and frames.

Inspection request to be submitted after completion of works for the necessary approvals.

Method statement for the installation of metal doors and frames


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