Method Statement for Wooden Flooring Installation

Necessary equipment & tools:

Following tools shall be arranged before installation works:

  • Squeegee
  • Roller
  • Brush
  • Level Machine
  • Sanding machine
  • Hammer
  • Drill machine
  • Screw Drivers

Method Statement for Wooden Flooring Installation

Obtain necessary clearances and approvals from Engineers including MEP clearance. Inspection request should be submitted and ensure its approval prior to start works. Sufficient supply of light sources to be provided. Ensure floor is levelled as per to manufacturer’s recommendation. Ensure surface is free from any dust, oil, grease, and any other contaminants.

Wood Parquet Installation

  • From the mark FFL, identify the level for the battens (under-structure). Lay the battens perpendicular to the direction of the wood parquet strips and spaced at 30 cm on centre to centre as per approved drawing
  • Inspect the floor for any minor depression or bumps and rectify it
  • Ensure no movement or deflection on the battens when it is stepped on
  • Lay plywood onto the batten
  • Lay the strip in a staggered manner
  • Each strip must firmly fit to each other and fixed with hidden nails by using a nail tucker.
  • Sand the wood with a sanding machine to get the strips levelled and to remove dirt
  • After sanding ensure all dust has been removed by vacuum or tac ragging
  • Floor should be rinsed, clean, and allowed to dry thoroughly. When dry apply a coat of stain if required using a squeegee or roller or soft brush and allow it to dry for 4-6 hours
  • Apply 2 coats of Polyglaze and a third if required
  • The coating should be allowed to cure for 48 hours prior to light traffic being permitted
  • The finish will continue to harden for a period of 5 days. Cleaning chemicals should be avoided during this period as well as covering wood flooring after finishing
  • Inspection request to be submitted after completion of works and ensure its approval
  • Protection- protect installed wood flooring during the construction period with covering of heavy kraft paper or other suitable material.

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