Method Statement for Carpeting Works

Required tools & equipment:

Following tools or equipment’s shall be arranged:

  • Seam sealer & Edge sealer
  • Cushion back cutter or top cutter
  • Notched trowel
  • 50-75 lb. roller
  • Mini or crab stretcher and power stretcher
  • Knee kicker
  • Straight edges
  • Razor knives
  • Hammer
  • Stay nails, dry line
  • Chalk line and tape measure

Procedure for the installation works:


  • Obtain necessary clearances and approvals from Engineers including MEP clearance for existing underground utilities
  •  Warning tape should be used around selected working area
  •  Ensure that area to receive the carpeting is leveled
  • Ensure that the area to receive the carpeting is cleaned thoroughly from any dust, grease, and oil other contaminants. (Area should be dry)

Carpet Tile Installation

  • Ensure that squareness of the room is checked
  • Start point calculated by drawing using chalk line perpendicular to the room
  • Ensure that the pile-lay runs in the same direction, check starting wall for squareness allowing for an off-square wall
  • Align chalk line for the entire length of the area where the seam falls
  • Align the seam edges with the chalk lines, ensuring that perfectly flat and tension free
  • Apply adhesive and lay the carpet tiles
  • Allow required time for the glue to have proper tackiness
  • Using appropriate tools, set tiles properly aligned with adjacent tiles to minimize appearance of joints

Broadloom Carpet Installation

  • Trowel notch size, shape and adhesive coverage rate must be maintained. Insufficient adhesive is the main cause for failure in all adhesive installation
  • Proper open time must be allowed, temperature and relative humidity influence adhesive open time
  • If patterned carpet is being installed, sequence must be determined based on pattern repeat size.
  • If non- patterned loop pile carpet, row-cut one f the breadths to be seamed, overlap this edge over the second breadth and scribe cut to the row-cut edge. (Recommended to use hot melt seaming tape to achieve and secure pattern match on double stick installation
  • Bead all edges with seam sealer on all carpets.
  • Avoid air entrapment- lay carpet into adhesive working in both directions from centre.
  • Roll using 75 lb. roller in both length and width directions or as directed by the cushion manufacturer in double stick application

General Pattern Procedure

  • Group rolls and cuts from longest pattern to shortest
  • Shift trimmed breadth to achieve a match near the mid point of the seam
  • Insert hot melt tape under seam
  • Melt together that portion of the seam that is visually acceptable
  • Using a power stretcher or knee kicker, stretch along the short side in 3-5 feet section
  • As each small section of the seam is matched, insert seaming iron and prepare the section. Leave stretcher locked in position until each section cools
  • Once all seams are matched and complete, the entire installed area is stretched.
  • IR to be submitted after completion of works and ensure its approval.

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