Safe Work Method Of Statement

By | Feb 19, 2015

If you are looking for combination of method statement for construction works with risk assessments then you are at right place.

This website provides tons of safe work method statements that can be reused by the people like you who are willing to prepare technical documents and installation procedure in the safe work environment.

Our safe work method statements are technically & professionally prepared in order to get the work done in safety environment.

In our pages we have not given complete sections for different types of method statements because the format and content differs on case to case basis. But the main body which is procedure for doing the safe work is given on our pages. You can check out download section for obtaining the complete safe work method statements for different activities these procedures contain four parts:

  1. Safe Work Method Of Statement
  2. Inspection & Test Plan or ITP
  3. Installation Checklists
  4. Testing Checklist -Where Applicable
  5. Risk Assessments

As a whole these method statements to work safe are widely used in different industries especially in the field of construction and our main focus is also the procedures and methods for construction industry.

The method statement is mandatory required for performing the safe work on any kind of project or activity. There are no specific set standards that can guide how to prepare a safe work method statement but in terms of local regulations about health, safety and environment one can refer them inside the method statement and also some guides in the form of charts, illustrations and checklists can be incorporated as well.