Safe work method statement for the installation of foundation waterproofing

Below is given a Safe work method statement for the installation of foundation waterproofing that can be applicable for safe working for any building or project construction.

Ensure Material for water proofing material is  approved prior to application. Ensure  surface preparation is approved  prior to start procedure for waterproofing application.

Ensure that chamfer at foundations ,columns, walls is provided to avoid sharp/broken edges.

Surface Preparation

Surfaces to be coated must be sound, clean and free of oil or grease ,any oil or grease contamination should be removed with a proprietary chemical degreaser.

Nail heads and other protrusions that are likely to damage the coating must remove or ground Structurally unsound and friable concrete must be removed and repaired. Honey combed or spalled concrete, surface irregularities, blow holes to be repaired with a suitable POLYCRETE concrete repair mortar.

Primer Coat Application

Polycoat RBE 15 may be applied by brush, broom or squeegee.

It is highly recommended to apply priming coat to the application of Polycoat RBE 15  with 20 % water  and applying this diluted coat as the primer. Polycoat RBE 15 is normally applied in two coats. After application of first coat, apply the second coat at right angles to the first coat and only after the coat has dried completely.

foundation waterproofing safe method statement

On vertical areas, apply the coating in multiple layers to avoid sagging of the heavy bodied coating.

Subsequent coat shall be applied only after the previous coat dries off completely and shall be applied at right angle to the previous coat.

On Horizontal surfaces , apply coating in multiple layer .Use 1000 gauge  polythene sheet for protecting the applied coated areas where the backfill material is not very coarse.

It is recommended to protect the applied coating from getting damaged during backfilling by protecting the area with Polyethylene sheets.

After  completion of work  for each required layer ,RFIA to be raised for every layer  and ensure its approval.

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