Method Statement for Curtains and Drapes Installation

Method Statement for Curtains and Drapes Installation

Obtain necessary clearances and approvals from Engineers including MEP clearance from MEP contractor.

Proper Scaffolding (mobile) should be provided for blinds installation. It should be inspected and approved by safety officer. IR should be submitted and ensure its approval prior to start work

Fitting Mecoshade/ Electroshade Blinds

The blind brackets will be secured into position and according to required height as per approved drawings by a fitter working at the required height, using battery operate power tools and secured steps (where necessary)

The blinds will be lifted individually, into position by operatives at the required fixing height. The blinds will be supported at all times by at least one operative. Blinds are to be fitted onto brackets without any use of power tools

If necessary, the blinds will remain in it’s protective wrapping once fitted

When required, the covering will be removed by a fitter working at required height on secured steps (if necessary). Once covering has been removed, blinds will be site tested, commissioned and left in the up position to minimise any disturbance to both fabric and following trades

Fitting Blinds At Height

Where fitting is required above the safe working height of secured steps, (3 m), mobile scaffolding is required5.

The integrity of the platforms will be checked after each change of position

When working in restricted or designated areas, flooring will be sufficiently protected by the fitters6.0Inspection request to be submitted after completion of works and ensure its approval

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