Method Statement for Protection of Trees

We have given below a method statement for the protection of the existing trees on the project site.

This is in many cases required to protect the trees and any other natural object that would be required permanently during and after the project is completed.

Requirement also comes when people are working inside the densely populated areas and the local regulations do not allow the removal of trees.

Also if a project is developed based on green building principles like LEED then it is also mandatory to not damage the natural environment and protect the trees in the project vicinity.

Step wise Procedure

Demarcation of Temporary Fence around the Trees to be protected.Method Statement for Protection of Trees

Check the perimeter of the proposed temporary fence at least 1 meter or more if required and ensure Trees  main roots are not affected.

Fix the post/barrier (safety  warning fence ) around the areas of the trees after checking the safe perimeter for the enclosure of the fence for the Tree Protection.

Barrier will have signs attached  to it for construction exclusion zone  and that no works permitted within the barrier.

Avoid storage of any materials, chemicals, or any liquid contamination etc. around the barrier of trees perimeters.

Ensure that barrier around the Trees are always in good conditions and periodic inspection to be done throughout the construction stage.

Water supply for the Trees to be provided and ensure regular watering of plants as per the weather requirements.

Precautionary measures should be taken for the quantity of water required base on the Soil and temperature conditions.

Protective Fence should be erected prior to commencements of any site works.

The barrier may only be removed upon completion of all construction works.

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