Safe Method Statement for the Fixation of Surveillance Camera

Procedure for installation or fixation of surveillance camera on a construction project site.

This procedure is not for complete CCTV system instead should be taken as a temporary project monitoring camera used for surveillance of the project activities and security of the project assets.

Ensure all clearances from the concerned government departments are obtained.

Erection of Camera post should be done while ensuring correct alignment and height.

Ensure anchor bolt are properly tightened and fixed.

Scaffolding to be erected as per EHMS regulation and guidelines with approved green Tag.

Trained scaffolding supervisor/inspector  should be only allowed to erect  with EHS third party certificate approval.

Ground  should be properly level and firm prior to fixation of wooden planks on the soil ground and double check the soil ground level.

Base plates, props & ledgers should be in good condition and frame should be in level.

GI pipes bracing should be provided for the scaffolding frames stability.

Aluminium ladder to be erected and secured from the ground to the top of the platforms @ around 5 meters height.


Platform to be fully boarded along with Safety handrails up to 1.20 meters.

Ensure complete PPE including the safety harness as per scaffolding and working at height risk assessment.

Continue props, ledgers to the next platforms @ the height of 9.5 meters from the ground level along with the aluminium ladder access.

Cross bracing to be provided for the all sides elevation (8 nos.) and Diagonal bracing (4 nos.)@ the height of 9.5 meters from the ground to support the platforms.

Certified scaffolding inspector will inspect the scaffoldings as per scaffolding Tag regulation.

Green Tag to be provided with approved /signature of the certified inspector prior to start fixation of Camera.

The fixation of surveillance camera will be in three levels with brackets /clamps to be fixed on the post.

Ensure that the specialist Technical Person are using complete PPE with safety Harness prior to the start of the camera installation.

Install the camera with clamps fixed on the post @ 10.50 meters height.

Install the camera antenna with clamps on the post @ 10.20 meters height.

Install the Solar Panel by brackets on the post @ the 3.5 meters height.

Camera battery will be fixed on the ground.

Outdoor cables to be used for connection of the camera to the battery.

Prepare inspection request and ensure its approval from the client/consultant.

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