Method Statement For Installation of Glazing Panel to GRP Fins

Programs of work for the Installation of Glazing Panels to GRP Fin shall follow the Planning and Programming of the Main Contractor. In event of any major changes in execution or shift in milestones of work schedule could occur, revised method statement and work program shall be submitted for approval.

Materials Submittal: Materials Submittal usually contains but not limited to the manufacturer’s product information, trade name, model or type number, as per the specified products and acceptable products listed in the specifications shall be submitted through CONTRACTOR for approval of Consultant / Client.

Shop Drawings: Prior to commencing site works Shop Drawings with clear and complete information as possible for the Consultant / Client to compare with the specification requirements.

Mock up: Visual Mock ups of the product (size/location as per consultant requirement) submitted for approval of the Consultant / Client.

Material Handling and Storage

  • Aluminium frame units (Profiles) shall be placed in stacks according to the installation schedule as near as possible to the place of final installation.
  • Suitable wooden blocks shall be placed below the frames to avoid any damages on the material.
  • Glass should be stored on site in a protected location where it will not be damaged and does not become marked or unduly dirty.

Glass should be stored:

  • In the dry conditions
  • Stood on edge
  • Protected from impact
  • Protected from dirt
  • To be securely safely to the glass frame
  • Glass should be supported & covered to reduce the risk of edge damage.

Examination & Site Survey Preparation

  • CONTRACTOR and SUB CONTRACTOR shall examine the GRP fins installed by others for its structural support, anchorage, and conditions, for compliance   with   requirements   for   installation   tolerances   and   other   conditions   affecting performance of work.
  • Site survey report is forwarded to the Project manager. All the control lines and benchmarks are discussed and agreed with CONTRACTOR.
  • CONTRACTOR shall assure that area handed over is complete in all respect; any works carried out post measurement without information to SUB CONTRACTOR shall cause installation problems and hence can be claimed.
  • Fabrication of units shall be as per the approved shop drawing sizes; however the site survey shall confirm the opening sizes before installation. Hence if any deviation found shall be notified to CONTRACTOR by the SUB CONTRACTOR team. If required PM shall raise an RFI to the CONTRACTOR & seek advice on the matter to proceed.

Incoming Material Inspection

  • Units off loaded from truck and stored in designated storage area. Units protected to avoid damage to the glass or aluminium. Units directly taken to work area if area ready for installation.
  • Material to be inspected on arrival. Approved materials shall be forwarded for inspection to the consultant engineers through CONTRACTOR’s office. Material inspection request with attached delivery notes shall be forwarded to CONTRACTOR office.
  • Materials rejected on incoming inspection shall be returned to factory.

Angle Installation

  • Survey lines shall be marked to layout the angles for the installation of frames
  • The benchmark agreed by the CONTRACTOR is transferred to appropriate location within or on the wall or structure that would ease the identification of location of bracket.
  • The angles as per layouts are put in the place and secured through stainless steel screws.

Framing Installation

  • The fabricated 6meter unit aluminium tubes and angles is brought to site for actual measurement and shall be cut as per site condition. This increases the pace and ease of installation.
  • Once the frame unit are put in place, the next loose frames are fixed. This process is continued till the whole area is completed.
  • The framing shall be then offered for inspection. Inspection report format supplied by the main contractor shall be used for this purpose.
  • The internal inspection checklist to be attached to the Inspection request. After first hand inspection by the CONTRACTOR QA/QC Engineer, the installation shall be checked and approved by the consultant engineer.

Glazing & Final Inspection

  • Post approval of framing SUB CONTRACTOR shall make a template for each glass panel as per site actual requirement. These templates will be sending to factory for fabrication.
  • The fabricated glass based on actual template will be installed.
  • Glass should be installed with the correct edge resting on the setting blocks so that all sheets of glass are equally supported. Setting blocks are used to support the glass and must support both panes of a glazing unit. They prevent glass to frame contact and centralise the glazing in the frame. Setting blocks should be at least 30mm and no more than 100mm from the corner of the glazing frame.
  • Glass should be fitted into the frame with adequate edge clearance. This is necessary so that:
  • The glass and frame can move without stressing the glass.
  • Water entering the frame can drain freely.
  • After the setting blocks positioned in place glass is inserted into frame opening. Glass Panels are properly set on setting blocks and temporarily secured to the frame.
  • Inspection of the complete glazing works by consulting engineer would follow post internal inspection by SUB CONTRACTOR & CONTRACTOR QA/QC Engineers.

Product Verification

Product verification is to ascertain what was specified and what was delivered the following shall be a good indicator if everything was done in compliance with the specifications. Product verification can be accomplished by

  • Submittal Approvals: Done prior to commencing of works, usually data sheets/ test certificates
  • Work Inspection Approvals: Inspection and approval of works as per SITP/Checklist, Projects specification & approved shop drawings.

Hand-over and Client Training

  • It is important that project, when completed, are formally handed over by the contractor to consultant / client.
  • Snagging of work will be done internally by QA/QC Engineer on a stage basis whilst installation is in progress.

Quality Assurance

SUB CONTRACTOR shall ensure that all the contractual requirements of the project are met throughout the stages of material procured, fabricated, supplied and installed. Factory & Site quality engineer assigned for the project shall inspect & ensure the highest level of quality standard is mentioned.

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