Method Statement For Testing & Commissioning Of Light Fittings & Fixtures

Below is a complete method statement for testing and commissioning of Light Fittings as required by the project requirements and light fittings serve the intended function to satisfactory level and achieve the required lux/lumix levels in all areas.

Required Tools & Instruments

  • Portable Hand tools
    Step Ladder
  • Insulation Tester
  • Multimeter
  • Lux meter

Precommissioning Procedure for Light Fittings

  1. Ensure that the Light Fittings installation is complete and mechanical completion is approved & all comments on the installation inspections are incorporated.
  2. Ensure that no damage has occurred between mechanical completion & precommissioning.
  3. Repair / replace damaged components, if any.
  4. Ensure the installation is in line with the approved False Ceiling layout & manufacturer’s recommendations.
  5. Ensure all accessories such as lamp, fuses, etc., are installed.
  6. Check the false ceiling mounted light fittings are flush with the ceiling.
  7. Check the support system for the light fittings is complete and the alignment is done correctly.
  8. Check the wiring & termination for the light fittings is complete.
  9. Check the field wiring is pretested for continuity before termination.
  10. Check the emergency & exit light fixtures are connected to the central battery system in line with the approved shop drawings.
  11. Check the location & installation of the pole light fixtures are in line with the approved external lighting layout.
  12. Check the light fittings subjected to dimming control are properly connected in circuit.
  13. Check the ceiling roses (where applicable) are properly installed & the wires terminated are tight & secure.
  14. Care shall be taken to avoid any finger prints, smudges on the false ceiling while performing the precommissioning & commissioning activities.
  15. Check for proper termination of wires in the lighting distribution boards / LCMs & CCMs (LCPs).
  16. Check for proper termination of wires in the switches & ensure that the switches are functioning properly.
  17. Ensure that the grounding (earthing) of the light fixtures is carried out & is properly connected to the earthing system.

Commissioning Procedure for Light Fixtures

  1. Ensure that all the pre-commissioning checks are carried out successfully.
  2. Upon availability of power supply to the lighting DB, switch On the breakers for the light circuit.
  3. Switch ON the individual core lighting circuits using the core control modules provided in the respective electrical rooms.
  4. Switch ON the individual light fixtures controlled by the LCMs in the office area though the lighting control system & through the partition switches in each partitioned offices for group switching.
  5. Measure the lux level at various points, where necessary.
  6. Record the readings as per approved formats. Take necessary corrective measures if the required lux level is not achieved.


  • Precommissioning check sheet for Light Fittings
  • Commissioning check sheet for Light Fittings
  • Presommissiong & Commissioning plan for Electrical System
  • Risk Assesment

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