Tower Crane Erection and Dismantling Method Statement

Tower Crane Erection Sequence In the process of starting assembling lifting technician has to make sure that all lifting points are respected according to the manufacturer’s guideline, assembly sequence is clearly communicated by the lifting engineer to his crew. The site satisfies all requirements that are routed by the relevant safety standard and have passed… Read More »

Irrigation Pump Installation Method Statement

This document describes the methodology for the Installation of Irrigation pump for the project building to ensure that all concerned persons are familiar with the sequence of activities, utilization of resources, and execution of the works in compliance with applicable Safety and Quality Procedures, and Project Documents and Specification. This method statement is intended to… Read More »

Synthetic Natural Gas SNG System Testing and Commissioning Method Statement

Prior to acceptance and initial operation, all piping installations shall be inspected and pressure tested to determine that the materials, design, fabrication, and installation practices comply with the requirements of this code. Inspection shall consist of visual examination, during or after manufacture, fabrication, assembly, or pressure tests as appropriate. Supplementary types of nondestructive inspection techniques,… Read More »

Synthetic Natural Gas SNG System Installation Method Statement

Below is the list of tools and equiment that shall be required for installation of Synthetic Natural Gas SNG System. Pipes and Tubes Cutter Arc Welding Machine 0xygen and Acetylene set Calibrated Pressure Gauges Standard Tool Kit for Welder Standard Tool Kit for Welding and Brazing Hand Tools (Wrenches) Pressure Testing Pump Setting Out Check and… Read More »

Elevators Lifts Installation Method Statement

The purpose of this method statement is to describe the detailed procedure to be follow for the Commissioning of Elevator (Lift) at the project site. This method statement is prepared also to ensure that concerned persons are familiarized with the sequence of activities, utilization of resources and relevant documents in compliance with HSE and QA/QC… Read More »

Method Statement for Road Markings using Water Based Clear Epoxy

Description of the material EpoCrete 100W is a two-component, water dispersible, non-toxic, clear, epoxy coating with excellent resistance to abrasion and moisture. EpoCrete 100W does not contain any volatile organic compounds and is a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional coatings such as solvent based epoxies, polyesters, and acrylics. EpoCrete 100W is highly abrasion… Read More »

Method Statement for Installation of Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS)

This is best method statement for installation of Exterior Insulation Finishing System also called EIFS. Following materials shall be used for the typical installations. TERRACO STYROFIX: Styrofix is an adhesive for the TERRACO Exterior Insulating Finishing System (EIFS). It is easy to use by just adding /mixing with water, improving on-site quality control. It shows… Read More »

Method Statement for Crack Repairing

Background Surface Preparation Conmix dressing plaster LC 11 is a pre mixed sand cement mortar for internal and external use. It is recommended as finishing coats/repairing coats on to Portland cement based background, or render surface. LC 11 is ideal material for dubbing out and leveling of backgrounds or as an thin coat plaster. The… Read More »

Procedure for the Installation of Ventilation Fans

Requirement of Tools for Installation of Fans Following tools and equipment shall be arranged before starting the work of Installation of Ventilation Fans. Fork Lift or Crane with capacity & arrangement in line with the Manufacturer’s , recommendations, pallet mover and as required at site. Hydraulic Trolley Portable hand tools. Portable Drilling Machine/ Grinding Machine… Read More »