Safe Work Method for Working at Height Including Inside Shafts and Risers

Major hazards while working at height and inside the shafts are falling from height, falling objects and collapse of structure. Below is the precise list of control measures that are applicable for working at height inside shafts and working inside the risers. Ensure an appropriate  working platform with appropriate access, egress, and guard rails etc.… Read More »

Safety Procedure for Safe Operation of Earthmoving Plant and Machinery

The procedure below covers the Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment that involves on the project sites related with the operation and maintenance of heavy earth moving plant and machineries. Earthmoving usually involves the operation of large, heavy and cumbersome vehicles in an environment easily affected by the weather. Rainwater can soon change dry and dusty… Read More »

Understanding the Welding Symbols in Engineering Drawings

Welding symbols, like sign posts are informational directors. They are placed on welding drawings by welding engineers and their purpose is to relay information to the welder. In many instances the information relayed is very simple. Welding symbols are used on blueprints and drawings to show where the weld is to be placed and may… Read More »

Welfare Facilities on Site – Construction HSE Instructions

This instruction shall ensure dining rooms, food storage areas, kitchens, laundries, general storage areas and accommodation facilities are cleaned and maintained to the required standards. HSE welfare method applies to all dining rooms, food storage areas, kitchens, laundries, general storage areas and accommodation facilities and includes provisions for inspection and cleaning of such facilities as… Read More »

Supply and Installation of Water Reticulation System

The purpose of this safework method statement is to establish the work method for supply and installation of mild steel pipes, fittings and pipe works under the water reticulation work for project buildings, landscape, infrastructure and associated works. Upon delivery at site, pipes and accessories shall be carefully unloaded and stored in a designated area… Read More »

Method Statement for External Protective Coating of Steel Pipes and Fitting Joints

This document covers works for the external coating of steel pipes and fitting joints and tests along with a recommendation of generic material types. All the inspection will be performed in accordance with the ITP for field external coating roof steel pipe fittings and joints. Inspections should be performed by QC inspectors who are certified… Read More »

Work Related Occupational Health Surveillance HSE Procedure

Table of Content 1. Purpose 2. Scope 3. References 4. Definitions and Abbreviations 5. Responsibilities 6. Procedure 6.1 Risk Assessment 6.2 Medical Screening & Treatment 6.3 Health Surveillance 6.4 Incident Investigation 6.5 Registered Medical Practitioner 6.6 Rehabilitation 6.7 Control Measures 7. Records 8. Appendix 1. Purpose This procedure describes the requirements for managing workplace conditions… Read More »

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