Safe Work Method Of Statement for Acoustic Fabric Panels Installation

1.0 Obtain necessary clearances and approvals from Engineers including MEP clearance prior to start work.
2.0 Proper Scaffolding should be provided for tall walls. It should be inspected and approved by safety officer.
3.0 RFIA should be submitted and ensure its approval prior to start work.
4.0 Before Installation ensure wall is free from any hanging equipment and any heavy dust.
5.0 Floor works Shall be finished before the installation of Acoustic Panels as it may damage the acoustic panel finish otherwise.


Installation of panels will be started after preparation of substrate wall.
7.0 Adhesive will be applied behind the fabric panel on the wooden strip and on the corner of the wooden frame behind the panels.


The installation of fabric panels of various sizes will be start from one corner of the wall from bottom to top.
9.0 Inspection request to be submitted after completion of works and ensure its approval.

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