Safe Work Method Statement for Premix Plastering Work

Below is a detailed procedure for the installation of Premix Plaster, which is good to understand the way of work.

Description of Activity: Surface Preparation

The fair faced concrete background should be thoroughly cleaned  devoid of dust, loose particles, wood pieces, mould oil etc.

The suction in the fair faced concrete back ground should be thoroughly neutralized by applying potable water.

Free water on the surface should be allowed to disperse before applying the subsequent coat to avoid de-bonding later on.

Expanded metal lath to be fixed at all junctions of dissimilar backgrounds ( i.e. fair faced concrete and block work ) or a “ V” groove has to be formed while the plaster is still soft.

Approved plastering accessories to be used for internal/External plastering

Mixing  Conmix Concrete rush coat (CRC-MS)

Conmix Concrete rush coat (CRC-MS) mixed with appropriate amount of potable water (approx.19% by weight i.e.9.50 liters.per50 kg bag) using a mechanical mixer to a thickness of approximate 3-4 mm should be spray applied on the prepared fair faced concrete surface.

A rough texture has to be obtained to provide a mechanical key for the subsequent coat of CP 14.

The applied CRC-MS should be water cured for a period of 2 days (3/4times daily) before applying CP 14

plastering work method of statement

Conmix CP-14

CP14 supplied in 50kg bags must be mixed with potable water only, in a clean plastic bucket or a clean, non -corrosive, uncontaminated metal tub.

To ensure a homogeneous and uniform mix, an electric agitator or paddle mixer must be used.

The amount of water to be added is 8.50 liters per 50kg bag (i.e.approx.17% by weight) Add the CP 14 to water, turn the contents of the bag carefully and stir frequently.

The amount of water added and mixing time should be constant for every bag to avoid color variations in the finished products.

Once mixed allow to stand for 5 minutes and mix again before applying

No further water should be added to the mix .Hard and set plaster should not be remixed.

If a plaster spray machine is used , the mixing is carried out automatically.

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