Audio Visual AV System Components & Schedule

The audiovisual system or AV System is normally provided for conference rooms, class rooms, gymnasiums, auditoriums, hotels, ball rooms and offices to suit groups of people of different sizes with all audio visual aids required for conducting time efficient meetings, training and presentations. The audio visual systems is connected to the local computer which in turn connects to other networks or internet etc.

A typical av system consists of interactive white boards, LCD Screens, Gaming Consoles, smartphones, display screens, simple projectors and multipurpose projectors connected to interactive boards etc. In special cases the av system is also connected to the sound system or music system or it is part of whole system.

Installation of Audio Visual AV System

Below is list of components or schedule which a good audio visual av system can be contained depending upon the size of system and the requirements.

AV System Components List & Schedule

S. No. Product Description Model / Make Manufacturer
1 1-chip WUXGA DLP 6,700 lumen digital projector DWU675-E Christie
2 Digital audio processor 8×12 NE24.24N Ashly
3 Power amplifier CDi2000 Crown
4 Power amplifier CDi4000 Crown
5 Wooden Lectern Lexington Da lite
6 Rolleramic, motorize screen Rolleramic Draper
7 Projector Lift SLX Draper
8 12″ tabletop touchpanel TPMC 12 TILT B Crestron
9 Control Processor AV3 Crestron
10 DVI switchboard, 4 x 4 70-598-01 Extron
11 Digital Audio Processor 60-1178-01 Extron
12 Control room Speaker Control C2PS JBL
13 Subwoofer PRX418S JBL
14 Stage Monitor PRX412M JBL
15 Column Speaker CBT200LA-1 JBL
16 Desktop pc w/ monitor,keyboard & mouse E73 LENOVO
17 Dynamic microphone, wired E 835-S Sennheiser
18 Wireless microphone system, tie clip EW 112 G3 Sennheiser
19 Wireless microphone system, handheld EW 135 G3 Sennheiser
20 DVD recorder with HDD BD-R2000 Tascam
21 Digital mixer, 32 channel MGP 32X YAMAHA
22 Blu Ray DVD player BDF5100 SAMSUNG
23 Fresnel Fixture 16RAFR150 SELECON
24 Cyclorama fixture 10LUIFLD1 SELECON
25 Zoomspot fixture SPX1535 SELECON
26 PC Fixture 16RAPC150 SELECON
27 200 Series lighting console 64340 STRAND
28 24 Channel Wallrack 75356 STRAND
29 Accent DMX, 8 preset control station 63200 STRAND
30 Remote power supply. 63206 STRAND
31 87 inch interactive board w/ adjustable height  for KG PRMABAS587PUST Promethean
32 87 inch interactive board AB587PINT Promethean
33 87 inch interactive Mobile Board with speaker and projector for the LCR PRM-ABMS587PE
34 Ultra short throw Prjector EPEB485Wi Epson

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