Chasing Work on Block Wall for PVC Conduits

Following tools shall be arranged before start of the Chasing Work on Block Wall for PVC Conduits.

Necessary measures will be taken for the safety of the equipment and any other works affected by the works subject of this document.

  • Mason Trowel
  • Wheel Barrow
  • Plumb
  • Joint Filler
  • Mortar mixer
  • Mechanical Cutter
  • Chisel
  • Hammer
  • Plaster mesh
  • Dust Mask / Respirator

Relevant entities which might require protection include any such works in the vicinity of the area of work or on the service access or discharge path.

The construction team will ensure that any such requirements are documented. Protection of adjacent equipment’s or assets should be done to protect them from any dust or debris.

Workers must wear necessary safety gear in order to prevent any injury from use of tools and from the dust generated during cutting/chasing process.

General Requirements for Chasing the Walls

Chase cut-outs should always be vertical or horizontal between start and finish on the wall – never cut a chase at an angle between these two, nor step the channel.

Vertical chases should be no deeper  than one third of the wall thickness

Horizontal chases should be no deeper than one sixth of the wall thickness

Chases on opposite sides of a wall should not be in line, i.e. ‘back to back’.

Procedure of Chasing The Wall

Location of conduits to be marked as per the approved drawings and MEP requirements.

Block wall shall be cut by grinder a per the marking  and required depth to be attained by chisel with hammer.

After finishing the cutting on block wall , more chipped hollow blocks area shall be refilled by mortar prior to fix the conduits.

After the installation of conduits , the remained area shall be filled by cement mortar.

Plaster mesh shall be fixed in vertical direction for avoiding the cracks.

Plaster mesh to be overlapped minimum 5cm from the edge of cutting.

Plaster mesh shall be covered by cement mortar prior to start Rush coat/plastering.

The work area shall be maintained neat and tidy as reasonable practical at all times.

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