Close Control Unit CCU Installation Method Statement

Unless otherwise specified, all close control unit installation shall be in accordance to approved shop drawings and contract specifications, drawing plans, schematics, and diagrams indicate general location and arrangement of closed control unit.

The Project Manager is the overall responsible person for the process implementation of the ccu installation works.

The Construction Manager/Site Mechanical Engineer will be responsible for all construction activities at the site and will directly supervise through erection supervisor/ skilled workmen the work at site.

The Site Engineer will be responsible for arranging and controlling the inspection and testing activities.

Quality QA/QC engineer will be overseeing the quality requirements and quality control measures for the project in coordination with the construction manager / project engineer.

Furthermore, it is the responsibility of each individual employed in the project to take due care to ensure their own personal safety and that of their work colleagues.

Proper safety harness must be used and secured where required.

All necessary personal protective equipment’s PPE shall be used as appropriate to the nature of the job.

House keeping shall be maintained as per the standard and all debris shall be removed on daily basis.

Close Control Unit Installation Steps

Install the close control units as indicated on drawings and any deviation to the layout must be approved on coordination layouts.

Before start of installation work examine areas and conditions with requirements for installation tolerances and other conditions affecting performance, operation and maintenance of CCU’s.

Transfer the CCU’s from the stores to the working area, taking into account the make, model, capacity, and tag number, this will ensure the correct CCU is in stalled at the correct location.

Mark the support locations as per approved drawings/ manufacturers details and fix the manufacturer’s supplied base frame with the approved anchors and fasten them rigidly in the slab.

Ensure that the base frame is coordinated with the raised floor contractor in order to meet the specified height, sizes of openings and suitable mounting details and other access required for the CCU connection to the supply duct under the raised floor.

Approved neoprene rubber pads shall be provided before fixing the CCU to the already fixed base frame to avoid a direct contact of  the surfaces between the CCU and the base frame.

With a sufficient number of manpower, lift the CCU in place to the base frame and fix the assembly rigidly.

Install the supply duct at the server room as per the approved installation details.Close Control Unit CCU Installation Method Statement

Supply air duct from the CCU shall be acoustically treated to maintain the room acceptable sound level criteria.

Connect the chilled water, domestic water and condensate drain pipe connections as per the manufacturer’s recommendation and installation details.

Electrical connection shall be provided for power supply to the close control unit including the BMS connections that will monitor the common fault from the ccu unit.

Attach and fix identification labels on the equipment once the installation is completed.

After completion of  installation, ensure that the Close Control Units are free from mechanical damages, dust and should be covered for protection until the inspection, testing and commissioning.

Piping Connections to Close Control Unit

Connect the ductwork to the unit cabinet using flexible connections of full size of the equipment to avoid the transfer of vibration into the building structures as specified.

Connect the piping requirements as specified. Drawings indicate the general arrangement of the piping,  fittings, and specialties.

Connect the piping as follows:

a. Install piping adjacent to the machine to allow service and maintenance.

b. Connect piping to close control unit factory Hydronic piping package. Install piping package if shipped loosed.

c. Connect condensate drain to indirect waste pipe. Install condensate trap of adequate depth to seal against the pressure of CCU. Install cleanouts in piping at changes in direction.

d. Connect wiring as per requirements of Low-Voltage Electrical Power Conductors and

e. Ground the close control unit as per Grounding and Bonding for Electrical System.

Inspection and Testing of CCU’s

On satisfactory completion of the installation work, conduct an internal inspection to ensure the correct installation as per approved drawings and specifications.

Inform or notify officially to the consultant 24 hours before the inspection time and date.

If there are comments immediately rectify them and call for re inspections.

Make sure that a factory authorized engineer checks and makes necessary adjustments and connections etc.

Perform following field test and inspection checks, also prepare the final report.

Operational Test: After  electrical circuitry has been energized, start close control units to confirm proper motor rotation and unit operation.

Test and adjust controls and safety devices.

Replace damage and malfunctioning controls and equipment.

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