Commissioning Report For a Chiller

If you are looking for commissioning report for a chiller then this page is for your below we have given many checklists or reports which are used as commissioning report for a chiller. Below lists give the checks and readings that should be made while making the commissioning report for a chiller.

Precommissioning Report For Chiller

Chiller installation is complete and approved
Check for any damage to chiller.
Chiller pipework is complete and approved
Chilled water pump circuit is complete and approved
All relevant chilled water valves are open
All refrigerant valves are open
Check for free rotation of condenser fan.
Ensure the field wiring are tested for continuity & insulation
Electrical power connections & earthing are proper
Check for installation of control and safety interlocks
Check the power voltage to unit
All instruments & BMS controls are fixed & are in order
Compressor sump heater is energized
Check all the chilled water pipes/valves & condensate drain pipes in the air conditioned & non-air conditioned areas are insulated as per specifications.
Check the plant manager is fixed & connected

Commissioning Report for a Chiller


Under/ over voltage protection
Unit line voltage
Restart inhibit time
Balanced CPRS starts and hours
Display units
Programmable relay setup
External circuit lockout


Display & Settings

Keypad display lock feature
ICS Address
LVG WTR temp. cutout setpoint
Low RFGT temp. cutout setpoint
Low WTR temp. EXV gain comp
Condenser limit setpoint
Cooling condenser limit setpoint
Heating condenser limit setpoint
Phase reversal protection
Superheat setpoint
Cooling superheat setpoint
Heating superheat setpoint
EXV Control response CKT1
EXV Control response CKT2
Clg. EXV control response CKT1
Clg. EXV control response CKT2
Htg. EXV control response CKT1
Htg. EXV control response CKT2
LVG WTR temp. control response setpoint
Fan control deadband bias CKT1
Fan control deadband bias CKT2
Defrost delta temp. setpoint
External circuit lockout


Compressor model nº prefix
Oil loss differential setpoint
Number of compressors
Compressor A tons
Compressor B tons
Compressor C tons
Compressor D tons
Unit model
Variable speed fan CKT1
Variable speed fan CKT2
Reduced inrush starting
Started type
Current ovrld setting CPRSR A
Current ovrld setting CPRSR B
Current ovrld setting CPRSR C
Current ovrld setting CPRSR D
Low amb. Unit, half airflow fan
Lowasmb. Unit, two speed motor
Night noise set-back
Number of EXC valves CTK1
Number of EXC valves CTK2
Refrigerant type


Check for automatic compressor lead/lag
check for pumpout at beginning & end of every cycle
check for capacity control
Check for seven day time schedule
Check for demand limit control
Check for loss of refrigerant charge protection
Check for low water flow protection
Check for low chilled water temperature protection
Check for low & high super heat protection
Check for low control voltage protection
Check for visual alarm signal
Check for high presssure switch
Check for low oil protection
Check for proper functioning of all indicator lights


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