Epoxy Paint Application Method Statement Procedure

This document describes the methodology for the application of epoxy paint for the project, and to ensure that all concerned persons are familiar with the sequence of activities, utilization of resources, and execution of the works in compliance with applicable safety and quality procedures, and project documents and specification.

Necessary measures will be taken for the safety of the equipment and any other works affected by the works subject of this document.

Relevant entities which might require protection include any such works in the vicinity of the area of work or on the service access or discharge path. The construction team will ensure that any such requirements are documented.

Surface PreparationEpoxy Paint Application

The concrete substrate must be dry, sound, clean, dry and free from dust, oil, grease and laitance and other contaminants.

Molding compounds and release agents must be removed from the surface.

Substrate to be cleaned using encapsulated abrasive blasting method, diamond grinding, high pressure water jetting or acid etching.

Touch Up Floor Putty (for repair)

Using floor putty fill in blow holes which is apparent in the substrate. All cracks should by ground out back to the sound substrate using a suitable tool and after thorough cleaning to remove all dust and other impurities followed by filling using floor putty.

The excessive floor putty should remove ensuring that it falls level with the substrate. Leave to cure/dry for 24hrs prior to applying the epoxy paint.

Application of Primer Coat

After the surface preparation is complete all dust should be removed by vacuum ensuring that all dust is removed from the substrate.

Thoroughly mix the base and curing agent of Chemiguard Epoxy Sealer in accordance with the product technical data sheet using a mechanical stirrer for 2 to 3 minutes.

Chemiguard epoxy sealer can be thinned up to a maximum of 50% using Epoxy Thinner. Leave to stand (induction time) for 10 minutes before applying to the substrate. Apply Chemiguard Epoxy Sealer uniformly by using spray, roller or brush to achieve the required dry film thickness. Leave to cure/dry for 8hrs prior to applying next coat.

The primer must be tack free before top coating. If pin holes or porosities are evident after initial cure of primer, re-priming may be necessary especially on very porous concrete.

Application of First Coat of Epoxy Flooring

Thoroughly mix the base and catalyst separately, then mixed together thoroughly in accordance with the product technical data sheet using a mechanical stirrer for at least 6 minutes.

Chemiguard Epoxy Flooring can be thinned up to maximum of 15% using Epoxy Thinner. Apply first coat of Chemiguard Epoxy Flooring uniformly by using spray, roller or brush to give a uniform film thickness as required. Leave to cure/dry 12hrs prior to applying final coat. Apply final coat of Chemical Epoxy Flooring as mentioned above. Allow to dry fully.


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