Method Statement For Installation Of Firefighting Pump Set

Upon arrival at site, the Fire Fighting pumps shall be off-loaded carefully at site using necessary manpower and required equipment to ensure that no damage is caused.

The Fire Fighting pumps shall be preferably shifted directly to the pump room immediately upon arrival at site.

On the floor, Fire Fighting pumps will be stored in a clean, dry place & adequate covering by tarpaulin sheets will be done to protect the equipment from deposition of construction dust till it is finally shifted to its foundation.

All the received Fire Fighting pumps will be checked to ensure that the pumps comply with the approved material submittals in terms of their make, model, type, capacity, etc.,

Any discrepancy or damages etc., will be notified and reported for further action.

Material found not suitable for site use will be removed immediately from site & the same same will be replaced by correct item.

Installation Of Firefighting Pumps Procedure

Prior to start of installation it shall be ensured that the shop drawings including coordination drawings of the respective area are approved.

It shall be ensured that the area is released by main contractor to proceed with MEP installations.

It shall be ensured that the Fire Fighting Pumps are as per the approved material submittal and have been inspected & approved.Fire Fighting pumps testing & Commissioning

Ensure that the pump foundation is according to manufacturer’s recommendations and NFPA standards.

After inspecting the work area / foundation and ensuring that it is totally ready for installation, the required pumps shall be moved to the place of installation.

Proper marking shall be done on the foundation for drilling & fixing the required fasteners to fix the pumps in position.

The pumps shall then be placed on the foundation & shall be fitted in position directly on the foundation.

It shall be ensured that the fastners are tight enough to hold the pump in position during operation.

After installation and approval of the pumps the Fire Fighting piping system shall be connected to the inlet & outlet of the pumps.

It shall be ensured that the piping is properly supported using hanger supports. Flexible connectors shall be installed at pump inlet & outlet to permit movement due to vibrations, expansion & contraction.

The pump set shall be mounted on a common base plate of steel and directly connected to motor through a flexible coupling. The base shall conform to NFPA standards.

It shall be ensured that the pumps & motors are properly installed with flexible connectors without pipe strain transmitted to the pump casing.

A flow meter shall be installed to measure and indicate flow through the piping system. The meter shall be UL listed / FM approved & the location shall be shown on the shop drawings.

The pump control panel shall be installed as per approved shop drawings & manufacturer’s recommendations.

The required power & control wiring shall be carried out as per specification & manufacturer’s recommendations.

While installation of cable trays & trunking it shall be ensured that the routing does not hinder the access to various parts of the pump.

Valve tags and sign identifications shall be provided as per requirements.

The alarm control valve drain for the sprinkler system shall be connected to the sump pit/sewage, pit further the wet riser drain shall also be connected to the sump pit/sewage pit.

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