Method Statement For Installation of HV Switch Gear 11 KV Panels

Following tools shall be used for the installation of HV switchgear of 11 KV. HV Switchgear and accessories shall be in line with the approved material submittal and approved drawings by authorities and as per rules and standards.

Required Tools:

  • Fork Lift or Hydraulic Crane, Chain Pulley Block & necessary arrangement in line with the
    Manufacturer’s, recommendations and as required at site.
  • Portable hand tools.
  • Spirit Level / Level Threads
  • Torque Wrench
  • Digital multimeter
  • 10 KV Megger
  • Earth resistance Tester

Material Handling & Storage

On receipt of the HV Switch Gear and accessories at site, necessary precautions shall be taken for
unloading, shifting & storage, as follows:-

  1. All Packages for the complete set of 11kv switch gears, reaching to site shall be identified as per package list.
  2. Where auxiliaries are shipped loose, these will be identified and checked against the dispatch documents. Any item found missing or damaged will be noted to the supplier immediately for the replacement / repair.
  3. Special attention shall be paid to the condition of instruments and monitoring devices supplied loose or installed along with the transformer.
  4. All materials received at site shall be inspected and ensured that the materials are as per approved material submittal, shop drawing and single line diagram.
  5. Any discrepancies, damage etc., found will be notified and reported for further action.
  6. Site Engineer (Electrical) has to ensure that all panel boards used at site are of free from any damage or deformity of any kind. Any minor damages observed shall be repaired suitably and in case if the repairs could not be done properly, the panel boards are to be sent to assembler for rectification, after all formalities carried on.
  7. All packages shall be stored under protected dust area, till the Equipment is shifted for installation.

HV Switchgear Installation Method Of Statement

HV Switchgear Installation Procedure

  1. Ensure all civil works are completed for the area including floor paint to carryout the installation, and clearance is obtained from respective authorities to proceed further.
  2. Prior to start the installation, refer to the approved shop drawings related to the area of installation and ensure that required materials are available at site as per approved material submittals.
  3. Ensure the materials are stored properly and there is no mark of damage or deformity of any kind before issuing the material from site store.
  4. Make sure the floor surface is ready with base frames grouted to install the switch gear.
  5. Prior to installation, the foundation will be checked for cleanliness, level and base frame surface.
  6. The unit will be inspected prior to shifting to site for any mechanical and structural damage during transportation.
  7. The name plate will be checked against equipment data sheet to confirm conformity with the approval.
  8. Clean the room to facilitate the cubicles to be brought in.
  9. HV Switch Gear will be moved by crane or as per manufacturer’s, recommendation and shall be positioned near the HV Switch Gear Room, HV Switch Gear will be moved over rails or by chain pulley block and brought to the position as indicated in the drawing.
  10. To the approved layout drawings, place the cubicles on the base frame.
  11. Ensure that the clearances available as per the approved layout drawings.
  12. Grout the cubicles with base frame to correct level.
  13. The installation will be checked by site electrical supervisor and engineer for proper placement and orientation of HV switch gear.
  14. HV side termination shall be carried out as per approved drawings.
  15. Connect the earthing bus bar to the earth grid. Earthing shall be done as per Regulation, specification and approved drawing.
  16. For DC supply, HV Switch Gear to battery bank to be installed in battery room and connected as per drawing of the HV Switch Gear.
  17. Ensure the installation of HV Switch Gear ( 11 KV ) are carried out in accordance with manufacturer’s and authority’s installation recommendations, requirement of applicable standards and in accordance with recognized industrial practices and specified in project specification to ensure that installation complies with requirements.
  18. After inspection of HV Switchgear and approval by Consultants, proper care will be taken to protect the unit from dust by suitable covering, and shall further be released for the Testing work.


  • Inspection and test plan
  • Quality control procedure
  • Check sheet
  • Risk Assessment

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