Method Statement for Production of Hollow Core Slab

Hollow core slab production and installation method of statement is given below for your use as a sample for different projects.

Ensure all clearances from the concerned government department obtained.

Selected working area should be barricaded to avoid accidents & damages.

Ensure suitable access / safe ramps provided for safety of all site personnel’s proper safety PPE to be followed.

Place signage such as Keep Out, Construction  is going on and Exclusion Zone, physical barrier to be erected around the construction  area where it is appropriate.

Ensure that  blinding area is inspected and approved.

Ensure that area to be poured is approved and  level / slope are clearly marked and marking should be visible prior to casting of concrete.

Foundation will be casted in sequence as per the approved construction joints locations and detailed in the drawing & construction joints to be hacked and treated with approved bonding  materials as per  specification requirements.

A.)  Permanent & Temporary Works /Shuttering

Temporary works will be shuttering around erected as per plumb, lines, level with reference points marked by surveyor & any box-out provided for MEP requirements will be part of temporary works.

Safe working flat forms and access should be provided ( if required ) at the top of pouring level for working equipment’s and labourers.

Items for permanent works such as rebars ,starter bars, embedded water bars, embedded blocks/spacers, conduits and any MEP sleeves as per MEP contractors requirements.

Ensure that all gaps in the formworks are closed to prevent the leakage of cement slurry during concrete placement.

B.)  Reinforcement

Reinforcement will be cut and bend in accordance with the latest revision approved bending schedule and be fixed in accordance with the relevant drawing.

Ensure that laps are fixed as per approved drawings specification requirements  and the tie wire used are trimmed and  properly fixed.

Site Engineers must ensure that correct  type, numbers, diameters and shape have been fixed and adequately tied into correct positions with the correct cover as specified.

hollow core slab safe work method of statement

C.)  Concrete Placing & Curing

Ensure that concrete pour is scheduled and correct design mix is well coordinated as per approved area to be poured.

Proper coordination with approved Ready Mix supplier to be coordinated for concrete pump locations & Technicians to be present during the pouring for cubes sample requirements.

Ensure that MEP requirements are coordinated and approved prior to start casting of concrete.

Ensure concrete vibrator, proper lighting and access are provided during casting of concrete.

Correct concrete procedure should be followed to avoid segregation /pump discharge hose to be in correct height / acceptable level  during actual discharging  of concrete.

Ensure that delivered concrete is the correct/ required design mix  and temperature, slump and sampling procedure is on the acceptable limits as per specification requirement.

In case of manual pouring concrete skip/bucket will be utilized .Concrete skip will be lifted to the pouring location by crane.

Concrete vibrator to  be use continuously during casting / laying process  and ensure back  up concrete vibrator is available in case of breakdown.

Any Concrete deliveries found outside the specified workability range will be rejected and will be send back to supplier and delivery ticket will be endorsed, signed  with reason of rejection.

One set of cubes ( 6 Nos. ) shall be made for each grade of concrete poured on that day & casted date should be reflected on the sample cubes taken & sample rate of sampling & testing shall be as per specification requirements.

Concrete floor surface to be finished smoothly by power float any imperfections in the casted concrete should be repair using approved concrete repair materials.

Concrete curing to be done  as per specification requirements.

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