Safe Method Statement For Resin Flooring Installation

Step wise guide on how to install resin flooring method statement is given below:

No. Description of Activity Responsibility
1.0 Obtain necessary clearances and approvals from Engineers including MEP clearance for existing underground utilities MEP/PE/SE
2.0 Selected working area should be barricaded to avoid accidents & damages PE/Safety Officer
3.0 Surface that will receive the resin flooring should be cleaned thoroughly and any dust or debris should be removed PE/SE
4.0 RFIA to be submitted prior to start work QC/PE/SE
5.0 Ensure surface has a level finish PE/SE
6.0 Prime the surface using Polpox PRA25 primer PE/SE
7.0 Allow drying time approximately 4 hours PE/SE
8.0 One the primer has dried coat Polpox 814 is applied using squeegee/ trowel manually to an approximate thickness o 1.5 mm PE/SE
9.0 Allow final dry time as per manufacturer’s recommendation PE/SE
10.0 Inspcetion request to be submitted after completion of works and to ensure its approval. QC/PE/SE

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