Procedure for the Installation of Ventilation Fans

Requirement of Tools for Installation of Ventilation Fans

Following tools and equipment shall be arranged before starting the work of Installation of Ventilation Fans.

  • Fork Lift or Crane with capacity & arrangement in line with the Manufacturer’s recommendations, pallet mover and as required at site.
  • Hydraulic Trolley
  • Portable hand tools
  • Portable Drilling Machine/ Grinding Machine & Angle Cutter
  • Spirit Level / Level Threads
  • Step Ladder
  • Scaffolding with platform


The following procedure shall be followed for the installation of Ventilation Fans.

Visually inspect the exterior casing of the Ventilation Fans for any damages during shipping and transferring of the units.

Make sure that the installation of the Ventilation Fans shall be carried out in accordance with manufacturer’s installation recommendations and specification.

Materials inspection request shall be submitted for consultant approval before proceeding with installation.

Cut all banding (if applicable) loose from skid but do not remove the skids until the unit is shifted to the installation area.

Prior to start of installation, refer to the approved shop drawing related to the area of installation and ensure that required material is available at site as per approved material submittals.

installation of Industrial-Exhaust-FansEnsure that the equipment and accessories are stored properly and there is no damage or deformity of any kind during transportation of material from site store to the working area.

After inspecting the work area, ensure that it is totally ready for installation. Then the required equipment shall be moved to the place of installation.

Check the equipment weight to ensure that the rigging equipment can handle that safely.

Before installing the unit check whether proper space is available for servicing or not. If there is any services installed previously in ceiling in the same area shall be shifted to the side of the Ventilation Fans for easy future maintenance.

Proper marking shall be done for the unit location / supports as per approved shop drawing.

Ensure the unit model number location shall be same as indicated on the drawing.

Under direct supervision of the Site Engineer / Site Supervisor lift the Ventilation Fans and hang / grout it to the required level with proper isolator and support fixing, as per the approved drawing and as per approved material submittal.

Check the plinth of the fans regarding dimensions and orientation.

Mark the isolators locations according to Fans entry locations on the plinths and drill the hole at the marked places for fixing the isolators by the unifix.

After placing the isolators slightly tighten the isolator foundation bolt.

Check the direction of the Fans before placing on the isolators.

Place the Fans on the isolator and then leveling shall be done by using the spirit level.

Make sure that all the spring isolators are in position and the Ventilation Fans is properly supported by the isolators through the hanging threaded rod of approved sizes.

Ensure that the Ventilation Fans is properly leveled.

After the unit is leveled tighten the support bolts to secure them.

Connect the Fans to the ducting net work with approved flexible duct connector.

Connect the ducting net work to extract fan section of the fresh air handling unit.

Equipment, tagging & labeling shall be carried out after completion of all works.

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