Staircase Pressurization System Testing & Commissioning Procedure

The purpose of this mechanical procedure is to define the step by step method to implement the correct practices for the pre-commissioning & commissioning of staircase pressurization system through the guidelines contained herein so as to ensure that the job execution complies with the project requirements and serves the intended function of HVAC ducting system to satisfactory level.

Precommissioning Checks for Staircase Pressurization System

Ensure that the pressurization fan installation is complete and mechanical completion is approved.

Make sure that vibration isolators are complete with proper alignment of fan.

Ensure that no damage has occurred between mechanical completion & pre-commissioning stages.

Check and ensure that orientation of the fans are as per approved shop drawings & project design requirements.

Repair all damages to the equipment finish paint / outer surface.

Precommissioning Procedure:

Check the connection of fan inlet & outlet are done with proper alignment.

Check the fan is installed as per the approved shop drawings and manufacturer’s instructions.

Rotation of fan propeller to be checked.Staircase Pressurization System Testing & Commissioning Procedure

Inspect and make sure that the fire rated ductwork is properly installed & insulated in line with the approved drawings & specifications.

Check all motorized dampers are installed & connected with power supply & controls properly.

Ensure that electrical power, control panel and earthing connections as per manufacturer’s recommendations.

Field wiring to be pre-tested for continuity and insulation resistance.

Check the interface of the pressurization fan with the fire alarm system & BMS.

Ensure proper installation of pressure sensor in the shaft.

Check for proper setting of the overload relay.

Check the identification & labeling of the fan & ductwork.

Commissioning Procedure for Staircase Pressurization System

Ensure that all the precommissioning checks are carried out successfully.

Start the fan to check for correct direction of rotation of fan/motor.

Run the fan for 5 minutes.

Check for any undue vibration or noise.

Now also start the fan by inducing a fire signal from the fire alarm control panel.

Check all the fire dampers in shaft in all the floors close completely and the shaft is totally isolated.

Measure the air flow, inlet static and the static pressure in the shaft and record all the values.

Check whether the fan speed is properly controlled by the VFD vide the signal from the pressure sensor in the shaft.

Clear the fire signal & check the fan stops & all the motorized dampers in the shaft are opened again.

Record all readings in the final performance and commissioning check list


Precommissioning of Staircase Pressurization System

Commissioning of Staircase Pressurization System

Performance Test Record for Staircase pressurization system

Risk Assessment

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