Supplier and Subcontractor HSE Monitoring & Management Procedure

To ensure that selected subcontractors and suppliers are aware of their HSE obligations prior to commencing work on controlled workplaces or projects. This procedure will help to comply and fulfil the subcontractor health and safety responsibilities.

Equipment: Includes all portable, semi portable equipment, and hand tools, mobile and fixed plant.

Subcontractor: A person/company contracted to provide materials and/or labor related to the performance of work and materials specified in the contract.

Preparation of Work

Before a subcontractor commences work, a risk assessment for the contracted works must be completed and submitted to the Project Manager for approval.

Depending on the risk ratings, the Project Manager will determine the need for the subcontractor to provide an HSE plan and/ or JSA’s, in addition to the risk assessment for the contracted works.

Subcontractor Induction

The Project Manager should be responsible for ensuring that all employees of the subcontractor are inducted onto the project before commencing work.

Subcontractor’s Equipment

All equipment supplied by the subcontractor should be good order and condition and where necessary, be supplied with government compliance certificates as well as meeting all HSE standards.

The subcontractor should supply the Project Manager with a list of the equipment proposed to be brought on to the project.

The Logistics / HSE Manager will authorize, in writing, the mobilization of equipment after satisfactory evidence is supplied by the subcontractor on the safety, maintenance and suitability of the equipment including all documents as required.

Hazardous Substances

The subcontractor should supply the Project Manager with a register of all hazardous substances to be brought on to the project.

The Project Manager will authorize, in writing, the method and location for storage, handling and use of hazardous substances on the project.

The subcontractor should maintain an up to date hazardous substances register, during the course of the contract.

All hazardous substances should have a corresponding material safety data sheet (MSDS) and all workers will be provided with the necessary training and instruction prior to using a hazardous substance to ensure that they are competent utilizing COSHH Sheets.

Supplier and Subcontractor HSE Monitoring & Management ProcedureCompetency Certificates

The subcontractor should provide the Project Manager with the names of workers who hold certificates of competencies, together with a copy of their certificates.

The subcontractor should ensure that all high risk equipment is only operated by persons holding the correct certificate of competency.

For all other equipment, the subcontractor should provide satisfactory evidence that persons required to use and operate the equipment are competent and that all Plant has been certified by a Third Party seemed as safe to use.


Subcontractor should provide a management representative to participate in the weekly project HSE committee meetings.

The subcontractor should conduct weekly toolbox meeting with workers, record attendance and provide a copy of the attendance sheet to the HSE Manager/ HSE Dep’t and/ or ensure that all of their workers attend the toolbox meetings conducted by main contractor. This includes all daily/ weekly and monthly labor returns


The Project Manager should inform the subcontractor of the schedule inspections and audits that will be conducted on a regular basis.

The subcontractor should provide assistance in carrying out inspections and audits all identified actions should be closed out within the agreed time frame determined by the Project Manager and the subcontractor’ representative.

Participation in these audits and inspections are non negotiable.

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