Method Statement For Starting Wild Air Cooling Of Building

By | February 3, 2018

What is wild air in HVAC?

Wild air is the supply of air to a building which is being constructed or renovated and having central air conditioning system. In order to fulfill the temporary cooling and ventilation requirements for a building its air handling units are put in operation to feed the air which is not controlled via dampers and other air balancing techniques. Wild air meaning is to supply air with full force to cool a building and even under construction project.

How to Turn On the Wild Air Conditioning?

Upon availability of power to the building, the following activities shall be carried out sequentially for wild air cooling.

The LV panels shall be pre-commissioned & commissioned in line with the approved procedure. The LV panels feeding the chillers shall be pre-commissioned & commissioned in line with the approved procedure.

The MCC feeding the chilled water pumps shall be precommissioned & commissioned in line with the approved procedure. All starter panels/VFDs for pumps & AHUs shall be precommissioned & commissioned in line with the approved procedure.

Wild Air Procedure

  1. All the VFDs shall be by-passed during the start up of the pumps & AHUs and run in star/delta starter mode.
  2. The Chilled Water pumps shall be precommissioned & temporarily started in line with the approved procedure.
  3. The AHUs at the respective floors shall be precommissioned & temporarily started in line with the approved procedure.
  4. Upon start up of AHUs, the chillers shall be precommissioned & temporarily started in line with the approved procedure.
  5. The AHUs for the remaining floors shall be started after starting of the chillers.
  6. Chiller plant manager, control, VFDs & BMS will be by-passed during wild air.
  7. Air Balancing & water balancing shall be carried out later & shall not constitute a part of wild air cooling.
  8. Control valves will be isolated & the chilled water flow shall be adjusted through the by pass.
  9. Temporary filters shall be used in the AHUs during wild air.
  10. Plant rooms & office areas shall be cleaned and all doors to rooms and shafts shall be installed.
  11. All remaining works of chilled water system (piping & insulation) shall be completed prior to wild air.
  12. All condensate drain pipes horizontal & vertical in conditioned & unconditioned area shall be fully insulated.
  13. Start up of equipment & system is temporary only to improve the working condition of the contractor in office floors. Full commissioning shall be done at a later stage when all systems are fully completed & ready for commissioning.
  14. Contractor shall be responsible to protect & maintain all equipment, systems, networks, accessories, etc., at no extra time or cost impact to company by using trained personnel continuously until full commissioning has been successfully carried out & officially handed over to company / end user.
  15. All Guarantees & Warranties will only start from the date of official handing over.