Safe Method Statement For Cleaning Of HVAC GI Ducts & Accessories

Following tools are required for the cleaning of GI ducts for HVAC Systems which should be arranged before starting the cleaning of ducting works on any type of project. Cleaning Tools Vacuum Equipment and accessories Ladders/ scaffolding Manometer for air checking Air Compressor Retractable Fall Arrester System Safety Breathing apparatus or (SCBA) Cleaning Procedure For… Read More »

Safe Method of Statement for Production & Erection of Precast Concrete Boundary Wall

Safe work method of statement for the production & erection of precast concrete boundary wall for the project. PRODUCTION SEQUENCE 0Moulds to be used for casting precast units shall be constructed properly to achieve required finishes and dimensions in accordance with the approved shop drawings. These moulds where possible shall be fixed on mould pallets. Completing… Read More »

Safe Method Statement for the Fixation of Surveillance Camera

Procedure for installation or fixation of surveillance camera on a construction project site. This procedure is not for complete CCTV system instead should be taken as a temporary project monitoring camera used for surveillance of the project activities and security of the project assets. Ensure all clearances from the concerned government department are obtained. Erection of… Read More »

Safe Work Method Of Statement For Dewatering Work

This Method Statement provides the control sequence of construction and methodology that will be used for the supply, installation and maintenance of dewatering system over the entire project at any stage based on the following data: Required Data:  Water Table level :  m Depth of excavation : -2.30m (Gen) Depth of excavation : -3.30m / 5.50m (Max)… Read More »

Safe Work Method Statement for Concreting for Tower Crane Foundation

Below is the safe work method statement for the installation of tower crane foundation or tower crane base. The installation will be as per the approved tower crane foundation drawings and details which is mostly different for different types of tower cranes. But procedural steps can be same as below for general understanding of the… Read More »

Safe Work Method Of Statement For Excavation Works

Below is given a safe work method statement for performing the excavation works for different purposes like piping, trenching, man hole and cable laying etc. The procedure is given in main steps and other considerations must be kept in the view. Ensure all clearances from the concerned government department are obtained. Selected working area should… Read More »

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